What are the precautions for prosthetic breast augmentation surgery

Guide: Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery is a safe, fast and effective method of breast augmentation, the longest and most experienced method in the world. Prosthesis breast augmentation surgery has a wide range of applications, and there are many types of prosthesis, so it is Widely loved and favored by women.

When it comes to breast augmentation, detailed prosthetic breast augmentation is very familiar to everyone, because it is the longest and most experienced method in the world. According to the experts of breast plastic surgery, prosthetic breast augmentation is actually implanting a high-quality silicone gel implant under the pectoralis major muscle through the axillary or areola incision to achieve breast enhancement. Prosthetic breast augmentation can also correct mild breast sagging. Therefore, both young women with congenital flat breasts and women with so-called sagging breasts are very fond of prosthetic breast augmentation.

The application of breast implant augmentation with body implantation began in the 1960s. This method of breast augmentation has been used for decades in hammocks. There are many types of prostheses, and they are safe and harmless to the human body. The international plastic surgery community has identified it as the preferred method of breast augmentation. Of course, the experts of chest plastic surgery also advise everyone that everyone must choose a professional and regular hospital, choose a good prosthesis, and do good postoperative care when performing prosthetic breast augmentation surgery. Regarding postoperative prosthetic breast augmentation care, many beauty enthusiasts are not very clear. Let me introduce it to everyone.

1. Nursing of prosthetic breasts should be treated with antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. Observe the wound. If severe infection occurs, the prosthesis must be removed and operated separately.

2, you can remove the stitches 7 days after the prosthetic breast augmentation. After the stitches, wear tights, shape bras, and prohibit general bras to prevent the deformation of the prosthesis.

3. It should be noted that the patient is placed in a semi-recumbent position after breast augmentation, and the upper arm is restricted for 10 to 14 days to prevent displacement of the prosthesis. The drainage strip is removed 48 hours after surgery, and the position of the wound and breast prosthesis is checked. If it is found that the prosthesis is displaced or bilaterally asymmetric, it should be fixed with a dressing under pressure after application of adjustment.

4. Breast augmentation can be used for breast massage. As the incision heals, the massage intensity can be gradually increased. Doing local massage early after breast implant prosthesis may be painful. Don t give up because of pain. One month after surgery, you can do chest expansion, arm lifting exercises, and consciously do more chest activities such as deep breathing. We must persist for more than half a year. These measures can effectively reduce the degree of muscle fiber bundle contracture, prevent breasts from stiffening, and maintain a good breast feel.

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