What are the types of weight loss western medicine?

Some responsible doctors insist not to give obese people any medicines, citing that taking diet pills will cause patients illusions. Instead, they hope that diet control will ignore the diet control. Yes, weight loss is the most convenient and fast way to lose weight , but not everyone can afford the good health brought by weight loss pills.

And our own experience is that for patients with extreme obesity, the necessary western medicine can be used as an aid to diet therapy. It can be better to replace with traditional Chinese medicine. As long as it works, patients will adhere to the method for a long time. It can t be better to replace with traditional Chinese medicine. As long as it is effective, patients will adhere to the treatment for a long time and gradually replace western medicine weight loss agents.

There are five major categories of weight loss western medicine in modern medicine: first, appetite suppressants; second, energy expenditure enhancers; third, drugs that prevent digestion and absorption; fourth, drugs that affect lipid metabolism; fifth, other drugs.

Despite the existence of the above five major weight-loss drugs, we are still very cautious about using western medicine to lose weight, and it is necessary to strictly grasp the indications for the use of drug treatment.

For some people with bad moods or those with peptic ulcers, when dietary treatment is difficult, drugs should be added as a temporary solution.

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