What do men want to live long?

Men are relatively prone to problems due to high work and life pressures, and their lives are relatively short. So if a man wants to live longer, he has to do eight things:

A Spanish study showed that a long time alone with an unattainable woman increased the concentration of the hormone cortisone. A small amount of cortisone has a positive effect on alertness and health promotion. However, long-term high cortisone concentrations can worsen diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and impotence.

Finnish researchers have found that men who are more satisfied with life are more likely to have a longer life. Researchers say that women are more likely to find solutions to their problems by telling others, and that men who are dissatisfied with their lives are more likely to use alcohol to relieve their sorrow or relieve their stress through smoking, which will seriously harm health.

It s not a sin for men to cry, cry! Crying can really drive away depression, and women crying is considered to be an important reason for longer life. Pain hormones can be excreted through sweat and tears or urine. Therefore, when you are depressed, you can do more exercise to make your body sweat or cry, and you can expel the pain hormones.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, according to census data and death records of the United States from 1989 to 1997, it was found that unmarried men aged 19-44 are more likely to die after 50 than married People are 58% higher, and widows die 40% earlier than married people. The reason is the difference in living habits between unmarried men and married men: Unmarried men in general have a more serious habit of smoking and drinking, and they are psychologically lonely .

Chewing food in small mouths is considered by many men to be too mother, but in fact, it is very good for health. Men s eating habits are often gobbled or overeating, so the incidence of stomach disorders in men is on average 6.2 times higher than in women. And men generally eat more fat and protein foods than women, which has proven to be an important cause of rectal cancer and shortened life span.

Loquat soybeans contains phytoestrogen, which is good for women, so many people think that men should not eat so much soybeans. As everyone knows, researchers have found that Japanese men who regularly eat soy products are less likely to develop prostate cancer than Western men, and soy is also effective in improving bone loss in men.

What I m talking about here is looking at beauties, not marrying beauties as wives. Scientists say that men s gaze at beautiful women is just like admiring beautiful landscape paintings, which is helpful for physical and mental health. Gaze at the beauty for 10 minutes, equivalent to doing 30 minutes of aerobic exercise. An experiment conducted by British researchers on 200 men over a period of 5 years found that men who can stare at beautiful women every day have relatively low blood pressure, slower pulse beats, less heart disease, and an average life expectancy that can be extended by 4 years To 5 years.

Research A research report indicates that drinking about half a glass of dry red wine a day can extend men s life span by 5 years compared with non-drinkers, while reducing the risk of heart disease. The research team analyzed the lifestyle and drinking habits of 1,373 men. It was found that men who drank 20 grams of different alcoholic beverages lived two years longer than men who did not drink alcohol; men who drank less than half a glass of wine a day lived longer than men who drank beer and other alcoholic beverages daily Half a year.

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