What habits cause you to get tired in the morning

Do any friends feel that waking up early is hard and the fatigue can t be eliminated every morning? Obviously sleep well at night, why do you still feel tired? Well, this is because you have chronic fatigue caused by the following NG habits!

When you get up in the morning, you often feel uncomfortable in your mouth and people who are not hungry at all. Do you often have the habit of eating too much dinner or eating the night? When the human body eats, gastrointestinal activity will increase, putting the body into a state of excitement. If you go to bed in this state, you will not only fall asleep easily, but also feel tired after getting up. It is better not to eat for 2 to 3 hours before bedtime.

If you do not exercise for a long time, your muscle strength will decline and blood circulation will not be smooth. If the blood circulation is not smooth, the internal organs or cells cannot get enough oxygen and nutrients, which will cause fatigue to be difficult to subside … If you often feel chronic fatigue, it is best to check whether you have enough exercise. Hiking or fitness, yoga, stretching, etc., exercise your body in the unreasonable range to develop good habits, and eliminate the crisis of insufficient exercise.

Tritium produces and secretes bile to promote metabolism, detoxification, and digestion of fat. The organ responsible for this responsibility is the liver. Excessive alcohol or overeating, insufficient exercise, and stress can cause a burden on the liver, weakening the effects of metabolism and detoxification, and ultimately causing physical fatigue.

Without If you are not confident about the health of your liver, it is best to drink more modestly. Be careful not to eat too much, maintain moderate exercise, and often eat liver-friendly foods (soybean, turmeric, etc.).

Work, interpersonal relationships, economic issues, etc. are not only these, too bright computer screens, food safety issues, etc., all kinds of problems are the cause of stress. In such a life surrounded by stress at any time, the sympathetic nerves are always in a superior state, making the parasympathetic nerves that help reduce fatigue recovery function unable to fully function. Soak in the bathtub to warm your body, do some stretching exercises, use Dantian breathing, massage the roots of nails, etc., do some exercises to improve the parasympathetic nerve.

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