What ingredients can supplement qi and blood

How to make up for blood deficiency? Today, Mr. Xiong Miao will come to recommend some ingredients for you. These ingredients are for qi and blood, which is convenient for you to add when cooking soup or cooking. Food is better than medicine.

Jujube, such as red dates, is sweet and warm in nature, and can not only qi, but also nourish blood, jujube is a top-quality blood. Another example is mulberry, commonly known as mulberry, which is rich in calcium, fructose , vitamins and glucose. It has good blood-supplementing effect and soothing effect, especially suitable for those with insomnia and blood deficiency.

Like Like longan meat, it has good effects on raising the heart, soothe the nerves, can nourish blood, and puzzle, and has dizziness, insomnia, forgetfulness, heartbeat and palpitation. In addition, blood-giving foods include red-brown chicken, adzuki beans, pork liver, chicken, chicken liver, herring, black sesame, quail, mullet, peanut (mainly peanut red skin), etc., but we must pay attention to controlling fat intake and nourishing blood. Basically, the ingredients are easily absorbed with a small amount of fat.

Ah Ejiao has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and has a great effect on promoting blood production. In addition, Polygonum multiflorum contains a large amount of lecithin, which can promote the development of the body and the rebirth of blood, regulate and improve the body s metabolism, and is best for those with blood deficiency who have yellowing, soft waists, and dizziness.

In addition, cooked Rehmannia glutinosa, Chinese wolfberry, longan, astragalus, codonopsis, ginseng, white peony, purple river car, etc. are all beneficial to the effect of qi and blood. For anemia and blood deficiency, you can also use some blood -supplying oral solutions, such as Runhong Rouge oral solution, made of Chinese herbal medicines such as Ejiao, Angelica, Pearl, etc. Generally, high-quality iron elements are also added, which can benefit qi and health. Spleen and blood.

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