What is summer eating healthy and healthy?

People often say that summer is bitter summer. Why is it called bitter summer? It is also because eating more bitter flavors in summer is conducive to the operation of the five elements of the internal organs. Let s take a look at the food that is suitable for Lixia and even the whole summer.

According to popular tradition, Lixia eats eggs and is called to make up for the summer, so that people will not lose weight in the summer, do not lose weight, have energy, and work vigorously. Old Chinese medicine said that salted duck eggs ate vigorously in the summer, which coincided with the nutritionist s statement. The nutritionist said that duck eggs are rich in calcium, iron and other inorganic salts. The calcium content and iron content are higher than those of eggs and fresh. Duck eggs are high, so it is the first choice to add calcium and iron in summer.

Do not feel bitter gourd, the bitter gourd bitter, the better the effect of losing heat and clearing heat, but this does not mean that the other ingredients contained are different, so just choose according to your favorite taste and preference!

The season of raising heart is summer. At this moment, the heart is the most vulnerable. Although the taste of the lotus seed core is relatively bitter, it can clear the heart and recuperate, it is a good product for nourishing and reassuring, and it can also strengthen the stomach.

The tadpole octopus has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing qi, and treating gangrene and swollen poison. It is rich in nutrients such as protein and minerals, and is also rich in important health factors such as anti-fatigue, anti-aging, and can prolong human life-natural taurine. It can be eaten by ordinary people, especially suitable for those with weak constitution, insufficient blood and malnutrition.

Summer is the season of strawberry production. Consuming strawberries can promote the formation of human cells, maintain the normal functions of teeth, bones, blood vessels and muscles, and promote wound healing. It also has a detoxifying effect. Ancient people had more strawberries when they had wounds. Modern nutritionists also believe that strawberries can enhance the body s resistance, contain a variety of organic acids, fruit acids and pectin, can break down fats in food, promote digestive juice secretion and gastrointestinal motility, and eliminate excess cholesterol and harmful heavy metals.

Loquat lettuce contains a large amount of plant cellulose, which can promote intestinal wall motility, Tongli digestive tract, can treat constipation, and is the best food for patients with anemia. Houttuynia is recommended with lettuce. With heat-clearing and detoxifying, dampness and expectorant effects.

Loquat peas are rich in various nutrients needed by the human body, especially high-quality protein, which can improve the body s ability to resist disease and recover. The crude fiber rich in peas can promote the peristalsis of the large intestine, keep the stool smooth, and play a role in cleaning the large intestine.

It ’s Lixia, and the five elements of TCM believe that it is the month of“ 巳 ”, which means that both heat and humidity are equal, so the old Chinese medicine also recommends to drink some rice porridge to drink away the moisture.

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