What should men make after 40

Forty-one branches of flowers for men, this is a word we often hear in daily life, and it is also an appreciation to 40-year-old men, but judging from the development of physiological functions, it is a hurdle for men to pass 40 Because with the increase of age, the body s functions are also slowly declining, and can no longer be compared with young and strong guys. Therefore, male friends at this age must pay more attention to maintaining themselves. So, what should men make after 40?

In fact, many of our male friends over the age of 40 have more or less physical problems, such as irritability, anxiety, sweating, and physical decline. Medically it is called late-onset hypogonadism (LOH), and surveys show that more than 40% of men over 40 in China have LOH.

Problem Another problem that has attracted everyone s attention is that many men over 40 have no idea about this health problem, or there are misunderstandings and blind spots. When there is a decline in sexual performance, you will first buy some health products that claim to be aphrodisiac. But in fact, the Food and Drug Administration has never approved health foods that improve sexual function. In terms of formal treatment, in fact, just as some women can use estrogen replacement therapy after menopause, menopausal men can also consider orally supplementing androgens to improve menopausal symptoms, improve quality of life, and reduce and delay the occurrence of elderly diseases. However, experts caution that during the treatment process, close attention should be paid to the possible adverse effects of testosterone supplementation. Prostate examinations should be performed before and after treatment.

Men s sexual abilities will also decline after 40 years of age, and the reason for this situation is generally due to androgen deficiency. The main sign of female menopause is cessation of ovulation. After just one to three years of menopause, estrogen quickly drops from normal levels to near zero levels. Men are different. After entering menopause, due to the natural aging of the body s organs, the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis function declines, androgen decreases every year, and testosterone levels in 75-year- old men are about 2/3 of those in young men.

Each of us has a different constitution, so the levels of basic androgens that exist in different men vary from high to low. Since each person s decline process is different, the symptoms of menopause are more scattered and the individual differences are also large. Generally speaking, menopause may have four major symptoms: first, physical fitness and physical strength decline; second, vasomotor symptoms, such as hot flushes and sweating; third, mental symptoms, such as easy temper, forgetfulness, depression, attention Loss of strength, anxiety, etc .; the fourth type of symptoms is poor sexual performance, such as weak erections, semen volume, and decreased strength.

Here we want to remind the majority of male friends that if they find that they have symptoms of decreased sexual abilities, they must be conditioned and treated as soon as possible. The first thing people usually think of is to find a Chinese medicine conditioner or buy some “sex health products” themselves. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning will work, but the effect will not be too fast, and sex health products should be more careful. Some advertised pure Chinese medicine ingredients, but they can take effect in half an hour, it is likely that it is actually prohibited to add western medicine.

Aiming at the aspect of men s health and impotence, with the continuous development of society, more and more aphrodisiac health products have appeared. Everyone must be careful when choosing, and take precautions. In recent years, the Municipal Food and Drug Administration has conducted special spot checks on illegally added chemical drugs in health foods, and found that some of these health foods have illegally added sildenafil and tadalafil. According to the bureau, illegal addition of chemical drugs to health foods will not cause significant harm in the short term , but long-term use will cause great damage to the body, such as sildenafil will damage human kidneys, liver and other organs. Regarding these unqualified samples, the bureau has filed a case for investigation and suggested that consumers should make rational consumption when buying and beware of being cheated.

Man 40 is a flower, and it is also a barrier in life. If you want to pass this stage safely, you should pay more attention to your health and other aspects. Dont take care of yourself all day long. Only Only with good health can we be able to live a happier and happier life, hoping to attract the attention of every male friend.

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