What tea is good for weight loss? Homemade weight loss tea is effective and safe

Weight loss is an eternal topic. Nowadays, living conditions are better. In addition, our Chinese cuisine has a large variety, so many people have become fat. So if you want to lose weight, we all know that it is generally achieved by a reasonable diet and exercise. Is there any good way to help? If you want to know, please see today s content.

Green tea is the most recommended slimming tea for everyone, because green tea is the most convenient to buy and there are many types. The most important thing is that it has the best weight loss effect and can also help fight aging.

绿 Compared to other teas, green tea is more active because it reacts directly in the cells, which can promote elimination and help burn fat. In addition, theophylline in green tea can produce heat (heat production) after consumption, which can increase energy consumption. So it can effectively help reduce fat.

Few mints are usually drunk directly, and they are used as embellishments in other teas. In fact, it is also possible to drink mint tea alone, and it can also help lose weight.

This is because mint can help break down fat, so it is best to add mint tea when eating some high-calorie foods, so you don t have to worry about eating fat.

Loquat is the mature seed of Cassia Cassia. Slight cold, sweet, bitter, and salty, clearing the liver and eyesight, expelling wind and pain, moisturizing the bowel, and reducing blood lipids. 10 grams, boiled in water, cover with a moment to drink tea at any time.

The chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is the flower head of the chrysanthemum family chrysanthemum, slightly cold, sweet and bitter, with clear liver and eyesight, anti-inflammatory and detoxification, antithrombotic, antipyretic and sedative, increase coronary blood flow, lower blood pressure, and lower blood lipids. 10 grams, boiled in water, cover with a moment to drink tea at any time.

Pu er Pu er tea is dark in color and belongs to post-fermented tea. It has a positive effect on the elimination of stubborn fats such as cholesterol and triglycerides. Regular consumption of Pu er tea can lower cholesterol, so it can indirectly affect excess weight.

However, experts warn everyone that although some teas have a diuretic effect, they have no effect on reducing fat. If you want to lose fat and weight to achieve weight loss, it is best to drink green tea. Teas such as mate tea and guanana tea can effectively destroy esters and burn fat.

Is the dry roots and rhizomes of Salvia miltiorrhiza. Slight cold, bitter taste, lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, increase coronary blood flow, improve microcirculation, adjust heart rate, and improve immune function. 10 grams, boiled in water, cover with a moment to drink tea at any time.

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