Which people need the winter solstice tonic most?

The weak yang is the winter solstice, and it is freezing cold, which is the season when the yang is the strongest and the yang is the weakest. People with yang deficiency often run off clean water, cold hands, feet, frostbite, and frequent nocturia. This kind of people can eat with dried ginger, ginseng, cooked aconite, pepper, mutton, etc., especially for three or nine days. At the same time, you can also take Jinkui Shenqi Pills, etc., with a view to developing yang.

冬 Chronic bronchitis, frostbite, polyuria and other winter solstice diseases that are susceptible to winter disease, in Chinese medicine, they are kidney deficiency, yang deficiency and cold. The way to regulate is to warm the medicine. Such as cooked aconite, cinnamon, hippocampus, dog kidney, ginseng, licorice, wolfberry, etc. can be used. In addition to tonic, you can also supplement it, such as ginger broth is better for cough. Fuzi Ginger Guizhi Decoction is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of frostbite , and it is also effective for washing.

For those who are in good health, the winter solstice tonic is a good way. In principle, there are deficiencies that need to be added. For example, those with more brains should often eat walnuts, and those with high physical exertion should supplement fruits and vegetables in a timely manner. How much, and how, will vary from person to person.

Prevention of spring and summer disease medical scientists have confirmed that in winter, good nursery, spring and summer incidence is less. It is based on this viewpoint that winter supplements should be suitable for high-protein, high-calorie foods. Various kinds of fish and beef, sheep, dog meat can be used, plus Chinese medicine ginseng, astragalus, longan, red dates, etc., or make soup or meal. As long as the spleen and stomach are well absorbed, people will reserve more energy after supplementation, thereby enhancing their immunity to disease.

In short, those who have congenital deficiency, acquired disorders, prolonged illness, physical exhaustion, overwork, internal exertion, postpartum, postoperative, and premature aging are all objects of tonic supplement.

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