Will the prosthesis breast augmentation shift?

In order to make the breasts fuller, many female friends rushed to perform prosthetic breast augmentation surgery. However, some friends who are willing to do so have been slow to move. The reason is that they are worried about the displacement of the prosthesis after breast augmentation.

Prosthetic breast augmentation surgery achieves breast enhancement effect through the way of prosthetic filling, and the effect is very significant. The drainage strip was removed 48 hours after the operation, and the wound and breast implant position were examined. In addition, seekers of the United States should take a rest in a semi-recumbent position and limit the movement of the upper arm for 10 to 14 days to avoid displacement of the prosthesis. At the same time, do not allow the breast to be impacted by external forces, so as not to affect the postoperative prosthesis retention.

Line The prosthesis can be removed for about one week after breast augmentation, but a bra cannot be worn for a period of time to prevent the deformation of the prosthesis. At the same time, for one month, intercourse and strenuous exercise are prohibited to prevent the wound from cracking and infection. In order to promote the softness of the breast augmentation of the prosthesis and avoid the occurrence of capsular contracture, we must pay attention to the relevant massage work.

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