Body fat is due to too much fat, consumption less than reserves, accumulated over time, so, to lose weight is to burn these fat. Through massage, as long as we find the right acupoints and grasp the right methods, we can promote weight loss! Here are a few simple movementsRead More →

Enough sleep can relieve fatigue and restore physical strength, but this does not mean that more sleep can be beneficial to health. Many people, especially some old people, are used to “falling in love with the bed” after waking up and are reluctant to get up. They always have toRead More →

As the beginning of summer,the temperature rises, along with will also face some diseases, Lixia season beware of diseases: headache, skin diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. 1. The high temperature, sultry, thunderstorm, gale and sudden change of weather in summer often cause or aggravate headache. In addition, lack of sleep, emotionalRead More →

Type 1 diabetes occurs mostly in children and adolescents, and has a trend of increasing in recent years. In addition to the necessary insulin treatment, daily care is also important. Recently, Canada’s reader’s Digest magazine asked doctors, nutritionists and fitness coaches to help their children overcome type 1 diabetes. ChildrenRead More →