Comparatively speaking, people are familiar with the complications of lower extremity artery of diabetes, but they know little about the arterial diseases of lower extremity caused by hypertension and hyperlipidemia. But it’s not that there are fewer patients, it’s ignored. These blood vessels in the legs are just as terribleRead More →

Women’s breasts are actually very delicate. It’s easy to hurt them when they wear inappropriate underwear or have passionate sex. Women should take good care of their breasts in their daily life, so that they can go to the hospital every half a year for breast examination, and regular examinationRead More →

1. Insist on physical exercise: modern work often has the characteristics of stillness and immobility, and the most tiring thing is not to exercise for a long time. Exercise can increase the ability of myocardial contraction, enhance the immunity of the body, accelerate the metabolism of the human body, delayRead More →

Generally, people don’t like the old people’s “nagging”. However, the American family advocates that the old people should speak more, and the objects of speaking should not be limited to their families and friends. Americans generally believe that speaking more can help to activate the old people’s slow thinking, provideRead More →