The beginning of autumn signifies that the summer heat will leave us, and the various organs of the body will change with the change of the season. In this solar term, what do we eat better for health? The chief TCM health expert, Professor Yang Li of the Chinese AcademyRead More →

In the traditional concept, it is believed that the older the person, the less suitable it is for sports. However, in recent years, many medical literatures have given affirmation and support to the elderly. Moderate exercise can promote blood circulation, improve physical function , prevent disease, and make the elderlyRead More →

Long-term satiety will cause excessive calorie intake, excess fat, and increased blood lipids in the body, causing an increase in a substance called fibroblast growth factor, leading to cerebral atherosclerosis, reducing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, Resulting in decreased memory, premature brain failure and mental retardation.Read More →

On the occasion of spring back to the earth, the old Chinese medicine reminded that the principle of nourishing the liver and protecting the yang should be paid attention to in the spring. Spring has the characteristics of yang and hair, and the human body is also qi and blood.Read More →

The beginning of autumn is the beginning of autumn. While people are enjoying the autumn air, don t forget that it also brings the seasonal theme—dryness. What effect will Qiuzao have on the human body, and how should we deal with it? In a dry climate environment, the human bodyRead More →