31 years have been thinking or doing things related to weight loss in women’s life

According to a British survey, whether in thinking or behavior, an average woman spends about six months on weight loss every year. In this way, 31 years of her life are thinking or doing things related to weight loss, compared with 28 years for men.
Because of self-esteem, you don’t want to tell others about your weight loss. In fact, it will greatly reduce the endurance of weight loss, which is generally difficult to exceed 3 weeks. And more people around me say that they are losing weight, or share their experience with others, but it will make the weight loss more lasting, can continue to lose weight for more than half a year.
The plan of a year lies in spring. Spring is the beginning of a year, and weight loss is the same, which is most suitable for spring. In spring, when the temperature warms up and everything recovers, our body becomes active at this time. At this time, starting to lose weight can bring a high success rate.
Autumn is a good season for exercise. In winter, our body needs to store more heat. As a result, our appetite is greatly increased, and the food we eat in our stomach is particularly easy to accumulate, so the pace of weight loss may slow down.
Improper weight loss is easy to cause constipation, and constipation itself will aggravate the problem of obesity. Modern women’s life is not very regular, detox is not smooth, constipation problems often disturb us.
Therefore, if we pay more attention to this problem at ordinary times, we can easily lose 2-3kg of weight even if we improve the detoxification ability and timely discharge the wastes and toxins in the intestine.
Whether they are tall or short, 80% are inherited by their parents, 50% by their weight, and the remaining 50% by their postnatal and environmental factors.
When it comes to heredity, it usually starts from the age of 20 or so, and it will be obviously reflected from the aspect of body shape. For example, some people may be thin after an hour, but after the age of 20, their body shape gradually grows more similar to that of their parents or relatives.
Aerobic exercise is not only a kind of weight-loss exercise to help you burn fat, but also a kind of brain exercise to keep a certain frequency and slow down the aging speed of the brain.
Why? Because in the brain aging, the atrophic part is just the part that aerobic exercise can improve. In this way, while doing exercise to lose weight, you can exercise the brain inadvertently. When you are 5 or 60 years old, your cognitive ability is no worse than that of people in their 20s!
It’s better to walk directly if you think hard about what exercise to do to lose weight. As long as you increase the walking speed to 1.5 times of the normal speed and walk fast in the right posture, you can get good weight loss effect, especially on the uphill road, with excellent fat burning effect!
What we call obesity, in fact, is not due to the increase of fat cells in the body, but to the fact that these cells become hypertrophied, the number of which will not change in our adulthood.
The number of fat cells in our childhood has become a foregone conclusion, especially in the development stage, fat cells will grow to the peak. If we still overeat and don’t pay attention to exercise at this time, it’s not easy to reduce the number of fat cells when we are three years old.
When we see sweets, we suddenly feel hungry. In fact, it’s not really hungry, but because sugar can stimulate the brain and secrete a pleasure hormone called dopamine, which makes you want to eat sweets, so we instinctively send out the message of “want to eat”, which makes the stomach feel really “hungry”.
Sticking to the tape to lose weight is very popular among stars in the United States, because sticking to the tape can effectively control appetite, which can naturally reduce the amount of fat, and also help the burning of fat. You can also try this magic method with Hollywood celebrities!

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