4 types of people should not be prosthetic breast augmentation

1. It is forbidden to perform prosthetic breast augmentation in the near future when there is inflammation or tumor in the breast, rotten, atrophic skin or infection source.

Second, the short-term physical discomfort, suffering from a variety of important diseases, beauty seekers are just in the major special period and other phenomena belong to the taboo group of prosthetic breast augmentation.

3. It is not suitable for prosthetic breast augmentation for people with severe scar constitution, various adverse reactions or allergies to the operation, too fragile skin, serious bleeding tendency, etc.

4. People who are in a trance or have various diseases, who are afraid of the operation, who have various opinions on the operation, who have long-term abnormal blood coagulation function, etc. should not choose prosthetic breast augmentation.


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