5 Chinese medicine recipes for obesity in spring

The weight loss of traditional Chinese medicine uses the principle of dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the nervous and endocrine functions of obese people by adjusting endocrine. Although traditional Chinese medicine for weight loss is a safe and non-toxic method of weight loss, it also needs the right medicine. Take a look at the Chinese herbal formula for four types of obesity in spring.

Due to lack of vitality (in short, energy for life), this type of obese people have a decline in digestive function, metabolic abnormalities, loss of appetite, and tend to eat snacks without eating.

妙 Chinese medicine recipe: Xiangsha Liuzi Decoction. It has the effect of restoring vitality, improving the function of the digestive organs, and normalizing the body s metabolism. It can burn and discharge unnecessary substances accumulated in the body to achieve the effect of weight loss.

Also known as fat in wet phlegm, buttocks and thighs are swollen, which means lower body fat. This is obesity caused by poor drainage function of the body and accumulation of excess water in the body.

Symptoms: Appetite is average, but hands and feet are weak; I don t like sports; I feel soft and want to lie down after eating; my mouth is sticky;

Obesity caused by stress is also called obesity due to liver and stomach depression. Excessive pressure in the liver (in addition to the liver functions of western medicine, the functions of the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, and the motor nervous system in addition to the liver functions of western medicine) have reduced the function. It may even affect the stomach, make it hot, and have an appetite.

Symptoms: This type of person will experience symptoms such as a strong appetite, headache, and eye congestion as soon as he is upset. Some girls, when they are stressed and annoyed, slam sweets, which can be said to be typical of this type of people.

妙 Traditional Chinese medicine recipe: such obese people can take Dachaihu decoction. These drugs have the effect of suppressing excessive reactions to stress, eliminating irritability and inhibiting abnormal excitement of the digestive organs.

Regardless of the name, this kind of person is the kind of appetite big diners. This kind of person can lose weight temporarily if they can force a diet, but once they can t control their appetite, they will rebound and may be fatter than before.

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