Actions contain men’s sexual psychological cues

Implicitness has always been a synonym for women. However, men also have implicitness. Do you understand the implicit psychological feelings of men? Let’s analyze the psychological feelings contained in the four actions of men?

In the middle of the night, you suddenly wake up from the cold, stiff neck and empty body. Turning around, I saw that the one beside me was wrapped in the whole quilt and had two pillows under his head. At the moment, women are mostly angry. Don’t be angry first. It’s the husband’s unintentional act. He just wants to get more comfort or sleep with your taste.

When the light is off, the body feels more sensitive. Women may think: “he began to snore again, knowing that I would lose sleep for this, really angry people.” But in men’s minds, most of the time, the “snoring” women hear is just their harder breathing. This means that men are completely relaxed at the moment and have full trust in women.

Late at night, the husband from behind close, accompanied by a low whisper, with feet rub you. At this moment, most women will be flooded with maternal love, feeling that the husband is looking for the warmth of the body. Most of the night’s contact is a low-key and positive sexual cue, which is the husband’s wordless “temptation”. If you want to, you can bury your body in his chest and enjoy the charming warmth!

The men interviewed said that sometimes the TV remote control is a communication tool. A man pushing the remote control to you is like a little boy giving his mother a sugar can full of sugar. It’s the greatest sharing. Especially when lying in bed watching TV, the man will first touch his partner with the remote control to determine whether he is really asleep, and then decide what to do.

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