Acupoint massage in winter

Because of the cold weather in winter, many people become lazy, do not want to exercise and do not like activities, fat is accumulated on the belly, which creates a lot of small belly. How to lose weight most effectively in winter? Old Chinese medicine suggests that you can try abdominal acupressure. Abdominal massage is not simply rubbing your belly. Selecting the basic acupoints and performing massage will have the effect of doing more with less, so that you can reveal your small waist more confidently.

About 1 inch above the midline of the abdomen. (Massaging the acupoints helps to eliminate excess water in the body, avoid edema, and can help with gastrointestinal peristalsis, exercise abdominal muscles, and prevent lower abdomen from protruding)

Massage Qihai and Guanyuan points can effectively suppress appetite, which is conducive to the uniform distribution of abdominal fat; massage Tianshu points can help digestion, exhaust, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, waste excretion, and of course, it is more conducive to eliminating belly fat. Method and time of acupoint massage: lie on the bed in the morning and evening every day, first use the method 2 to push the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen 3 to 4 times, then use the method 1 and the method 2 to massage the above 7 acupoints in sequence, each point for 2 minutes about.

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