Another weird trick that works during spring weight loss

What good tricks do you have to come against weight loss in spring? In addition to the traditional weight loss method, do you dare to try another strange trick? Today, I will share a few strokes and strange tricks to help you who are losing weight in the spring!

In addition to the cold, stiffness is brought to us in winter: the functions of the body s organs such as internal organs and muscles are at a low level, and the bones and ligaments are very stiff. Bently bending and kicking can easily cause sports injuries. Warming up is indispensable especially before engaging in strenuous exercise.

常 We often have the misconception that exercising every morning is the best. However, research by many scientists shows that evening is the best time of the day, especially outdoor sports.

Studies show that within one day, the platelet content of the human body has a certain change pattern. The platelet volume in the afternoon and evening is about 20% lower than that in the morning, and the blood viscosity is reduced by 6%. In the morning, it is easy to cause blood circulation and heart attacks Problem, and after the afternoon the danger is much reduced. And in the evening, the human body has gone through more than half a day of activities, the best response to exercise, the largest amount of oxygen absorption, exercise effects are more obvious.

People always think that the more sweating during exercise, the better the exercise effect, but it is not true. When the temperature is right, sweating definitely has a good exercise effect. However, the temperature in spring is relatively cold. Excessive sweating can easily expand pores, and the cold and humid air can invade the body, which can cause the body to catch cold and cold, and induce respiratory diseases. The consequences may be serious.

Sweating has a great relationship with heart and blood. A certain amount of sweating has a detoxifying effect, but if the sweat is excreted too much, it will take away some precious trace elements in the body, which will consume people s blood and hurt yang.

As long as you can keep aerobic exercise for 30 minutes each time, 3 times a week, or 2 times a day, 15 minutes each time, you will get good fitness results.

Spring fitness should not only pay attention to warm up before exercise, but also pay attention to cold body after exercise. Exercise will speed up the circulation of blood. If you don t do some slow and simple end actions, the blood will not automatically adapt to changes in the body immediately, blood pressure will drop sharply, and it will cause insufficient blood supply to the heart, coma and even death from shock. Simply walking for about 5 minutes can effectively eliminate fatigue. When the pulse slows down to less than 120 times, your cold exercise can be done.

In addition to the weight loss methods that most people recognize, there are now many non-mainstream weight loss methods. Are these alternative weight-loss methods effective? Are you interested and have the guts to try it?

A recent study shows that chewing gum may help beauty lovers achieve their slim figure. Chewing gum can promote the body s metabolism and increase the rate of calorie consumption by 20%. If a person chews sugar-free chewing gum often, in addition to sleeping, he is very likely to lose 5 kilograms of fat within a year.

Some Some OLs in Japan believe that as long as a pair of feet are warmed, blood circulation in the whole body can be promoted to achieve the effect of burning body fat. Therefore, the simplest way to lose weight is to wear a few pairs of socks, and put a layer of n socks on your feet, you can sit at home watching TV and sleep, and burn fat with no effort.

Some food scientists think that the main ingredient in chocolate is cocoa, which can bring taste satisfaction, so eat a small piece of pure chocolate before each meal and naturally have no appetite before the table.

The good memory of vegetables and fruits may be instilled in the subject s head. Similarly, the bad feeling caused by junk food without high nutritional calories may also be infused into the subject s brain. This concept can make people appetite and slim down .

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