Chinese medicine has a prescription for combating male baldness

60% of men start hair loss before the age of 25, and the proportion of hair loss before the age of 30 is as high as 83.9%. This is related to androgen levels in men. The study also found that the more severe the hair loss at the top of the head, the greater the risk of heart disease. People with high cholesterol levels and high tops have three times the risk of heart disease than those with high cholesterol but no tops.

In hair loss clinics, Xie Ding patients generally account for about 80%, the incidence usually after the age of 17, as the age increases, the incidence and degree of hair loss continue to increase. This type of hair loss is usually caused by genetic factors. Stress, excessive eating of greasy and spicy foods, staying up late, etc. often increase or appear early.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the flower of the kidney is in the hair, and the hair is blood. This kind of understanding has stipulated methods for nourishing kidney, nourishing blood, activating blood, cooling blood, or expelling wind on the treatment of hair loss , which has a great impact on the future generations, and it is still used today. Facts have proved that Chinese medicine treats hair loss from the root, and the effect is very good. TCM has selected 10 prescriptions for treating hair loss for your reference .

200 grams of plantain, rice cool right amount. The plantain is roasted into charcoal, immersed in rice vinegar, and the affected area is coated with the medicinal vinegar one to two times a day.

1 black ox gall, locust bean amount. Fill the locust bean with bile in the bile, fill it with soak the locust bean, and take it orally. 9 grams each time, 3 times a day.

15 15 grams of salt. Add salt to 1500 ml of warm water, stir well, wash your hair, 1 to 2 times a week. Long-term application of this method can prevent hair loss.

There are 3 gardenia seeds, 2 walnuts, and 30 grams of Platycladus leaves. The medicine was dipped into the snow water to comb the hair, and the hair did not fall off and was smooth. This prescription is especially suitable for kidney deficiency type alopecia .

Platycladus orientalis leaves 240g (dried), angelica (full body) 120g. The medicine is co-developed as a powder (avoid iron), and the water paste is a pill, such as sycamore seeds. 50-70 pills per serving, 1 serving in the morning and evening, delivered with rice wine or salt soup.

60 grams each of sesame flower and celosia, 1.5 grams of camphor and 500 grams of white wine. Shred sesame and celosia. Then immerse it in human wine, seal it, filter it after 15 days, and then dissolve it in camphor human medicinal wine to dissolve it and set aside. Use cotton wool dipped in medicated wine and apply to the hair loss area, 搽 3-4 times a day. This prescription is particularly suitable for neurological alopecia.

Sesame stalk, Qingming willow (Qingming Festival willow branch young leaves) 90-120 grams each. Decoction shampoo and rub the scalp for 1-7 days. This prescription is especially suitable for seborrheic hair loss.

Several arborvitae leaves. Grind the cypress leaves dry and dip them in spring oil. Dip each halberd into your brush head, and after your hair grows, wash your head with pig bile human soup. This formula is particularly suitable for women with hair loss.

90 grams each of cypress (dry medicine), pepper, pinellia ternata. Add 500 ml of medicine to the water, fry to 250 ml, add a little honey, then fry 1–2 and boil. When using, a little ginger juice , mix thoroughly, rub no hair, 2 times a day.

Tips: Anxiety also has a great effect on hair loss. You should always try to soothe your spirits to reduce stress; do not indulge men s mouth addiction . Although spicy and delicious can satisfy appetite, it will accelerate hair loss; eating too salty, Too sweet will also increase sebaceous glands and induce seborrheic dermatitis, which will lead to hair loss. In addition, it is necessary to arrange schedules, stay up late, smoke less, and control alcohol consumption; the last trick is to massage the scalp for 5 minutes every day.

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