Couple sleeping position implies intimacy

Whether you are a new bride or an old husband or wife, you have your favorite sleeping posture. In every different period of marriage, the sleeping posture changes, or becomes more intimate, or requires more space. To some extent, different sleeping positions can also show how you feel and reveal problems in your marriage.
Interpretation: intimacy and sense of security, which is commonly used by couples who have been married for 3-5 years. “Usually, the husband is a Hugger,” said experts who study sleep body language. When you use your back to your husband, it may indicate that in marriage, you pay more or the husband needs special care. Your husband is clinging to your hips with the most sensitive part, and the spoon position allows you to get as close to each other as possible, but it doesn’t necessarily activate your sexual cells. “A lot of couples like this sleeping position just because it’s comfortable and safe,” said psychologists and marriage experts
Interpretation: face to face, hug tightly, just like the two overlapping letters r on the Rolls Royce logo. This sleeping position is slightly less common than spoon type, and it’s uncomfortable to stay in this position all night. When the emotion is burning and you want to be melted, or just finished loving, you may like this sleeping posture. Of course, some people just like it. “These people tend to be too dependent on each other and can’t fall asleep once they’re separated,” said the relationship expert
Unscramble: husband face up, this is called “Royal” posture, this means that he is a very self person, more macho. Although the wife is also face up, her head rests firmly on her husband’s shoulder, which means that she is highly dependent and docile. This kind of wife sees the world from her husband’s point of view. In the early days of marriage, this kind of sleeping posture is more popular, and it can be seen that such sleeping couples have a strong sense of responsibility. “It shows a high degree of trust that you’re like a turtle on all fours, allowing every part of your body to be caressed,” said psychologists and marriage experts
Unscramble: some couples feel uncomfortable because of their close physical contact. They like to make casual contact, such as accidentally bumping their toes or legs into each other, or the wife putting her feet on her husband’s legs at will. Although this gesture may indicate that one of the husband or wife is not good at expressing their love, or deliberately poses after confrontation, it may also mean that the relationship between the two is stable. According to psychologists and marriage experts, leg bonding means intimacy and comfort.
Interpretation: after more than five years of marriage, many couples feel that even in bed, they need to reserve a little space to sleep more comfortably. Usually, they sleep at a distance, like a spoon, but with a slit in the middle. Emotional communication relies entirely on the hands, knees or soles of each other. Psychologists and experts in marriage said: “this kind of sleeping posture keeps a certain space, but at the same time, it is intimate. At the same time, the physical contact is reduced, and the sexual desire is relatively less easily aroused. It’s a loving sleep, but it’s not tempting. “

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