Create a TV series like romantic love in ordinary life

Girls with boyfriends hope their boyfriends can make romantic plots in TV series. Single girls hope to meet a prince charming and get a romantic love. In fact, if you want to have romantic love like TV drama, you can also make it yourself. Let’s take a look at the ways happy couples give to create romantic love like TV drama in ordinary life. Let you also become the leading role in the romantic story!
I like love TV series very much. I can’t help looking forward to seeing the romantic interaction between the male and female protagonists. For this reason, I had been waiting for my boyfriend who would never return after a quarrel in the rain. Although it sounds sad, I always yearn for the scenes that often appear in this TV series, so I feel very happy instead. Now I think it’s a beautiful memory of my youth. I’m really glad I was so stupid.
If you want to have romantic love in a TV play, you can start by imitating the way of the leading men and women in the TV play. When you see the lovely action of the leading woman in the TV play, you can write it down silently and “perform” it in front of your boyfriend when you have time. It may have unexpected good effect. Sometimes you can also take the initiative and say to your boyfriend, “you come and knock me down!” It’s OK, too. It’s a good feeling to be able to move the scenes in the TV series to real life. If we imitate the practices in the TV series every day, it seems to make the plain life very interesting. But be careful not to overdo it or imitate the scenes that are too idiotic.
I’ve never thought of what happened by chance as an accident, because if I don’t see it, I may miss a good chance. Many unexpected things happen every day in our life. If we deal with them coldly, wouldn’t our life become very boring? Even if we meet by chance, we can regard it as the prelude to the arrival of love. We can imagine the beautiful development of things in our mind, so that we can be happier.
The protagonists and actresses in TV series know each other, know each other and love each other almost by accident. If you want romantic love like TV series, you can also learn the attitude of “don’t treat accident as accident” in real life. For example, if you meet a handsome guy in the street or suddenly receive a gift from someone you don’t know, you won’t feel romantic if you just take it easy, and if you are happy to tell yourself “something unexpected happened, maybe this is the direction of fate!” even if nothing happens at last, at least the ordinary life is much more exciting and new Fresh feeling, I will be very happy.
When invited to the wedding ceremony, girls will be very happy, right? On the one hand, happy events happened, on the other hand, so that they have the opportunity to wear costumes and make beautiful makeup. Even if I am not invited to a major occasion, I will dress up once a month, so that I will be more feminine, more confident and more positive about love.
If you don’t have the chance to dress up, you can also go to some formal occasions where you need to dress up. In this way, the ordinary life will be changed, and love may come by chance.
After noticing that my life is unchanging, I began to consciously try new things, such as going to places I haven’t been to, doing things I haven’t done, making new friends, etc. As a result, the chances of meeting men increased, and love seemed to be closer to me.
Are you tired of your ordinary life? Instead of going with the flow, it’s better to make some changes at once. For example, you can set a goal and ask yourself to try a new thing every day, which may change a lot over time, and romantic love will get closer and closer to you.

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