Do n’t be afraid of acne

Many young boys and girls will suffer from acne. In fact, there are a few simple acupoint massages that can not only help us alleviate symptoms, but also help us enhance the function of viscera and remove the cause of acne from the source.

Concentrated on the forehead, and presents small acne, which is usually related to less exercise and insufficient cardiopulmonary function. It can develop a mild exercise habit and avoid drinking. Often according to Qu Chi and Yu Ji acupoints, can enhance immunity, clearing heat and moistening.

In Unexpected acne is generally very large. It is the result of multiple pores blocking and inflammation. It has a certain relationship with weakened heart function, such as staying up late for a long time, excessive brain use, and anxiety. For this, you should first live regularly, recuperate your mind, and massage the two points of Shaofu and Houxi.

Long Acne on the lips is usually indigestion, often accompanied by fatigue, constipation or lack of stool. If long-term partial spicy food is fried, it will cause the acne of lip. It is recommended to adjust the diet first, increase the intake of vegetables and fruits, and supplement it with pressing acupuncture points and receiving pulp.

Acne around the nose often indicates depression and spleen, so it is often a manifestation of inability to move, such as constipation and flatulence. Should avoid spicy and cold food, you can press light, ditch.

This type of person is often tempered, qi deficiency and blood deficiency, usually accompanied by pale complexion, dull complexion and so on. Beware of gastric ulcers. Massage Sanyinjiao and giant cockroach can regulate endocrine and promote blood circulation.

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