Do you know after-room health? 3 points to help you be more brave on the scene

For men, sex is an integral part of life. The happiness of a spouse depends not only on his feelings, but also on whether he has a happy sex life. Perfect sex can strengthen your feelings, refresh you, refresh you with blood, return to 18 years old, and let your body get all the release and pleasure, mentally. Get detached from satisfaction. Therefore, both men and women are very eager for sex.

After sex is satisfied, both parties will have a feeling of exhaustion, just like all energy in the body can be drained, and they are weak and weak. Therefore, after sex, you need to rest for a long time each time to recover your energy. What s going on? Experts tell us that while enjoying sex, we should also learn to keep in good health. This will have great benefits for the body and can make your sex last longer.

Sex is very physical, so many people will feel hungry after sex. This is because during the process of sex, your emotions will reach the extreme, the corresponding digestive system will also be excited, and the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal tract are in an exaggerated state.

After a fierce physical battle, many people like to take a bath and wash their body s sweat. This is a very good habit. But be careful, don t do it immediately after sex, and don t choose to take a bath .

Suggestion: Wait a few minutes, let your energy recover slowly, and then choose to shower alternately with hot and cold water for 5 minutes, which can bring you unexpected benefits. Not only can stimulate cell regeneration, but also enhance sexual performance. Be careful not to take too long.

After sex, you can use this opportunity to touch the skin while showering. The magical pleasant nerve is distributed on the skin. Gently touching will not only make you feel better, but it will also help to balance the hormone secretion in the body and improve sexual sensitivity.

Suggestion: There are a lot of “pleasant nerves” on the back and outside of the arm. You may wish to apply moisturizer and press it, it will have great benefits for the body.

Many Many people dont know about health after sex and dont pay enough attention to it. They dont think it is necessary to put so many yoke on themselves. But I don t know, this will allow both parties to restore physical strength faster, and quickly eliminate the fatigue caused by sex. If you persist in doing it, you can also improve the sexual capabilities of both husband and wife, making your sex healthier and more perfect.

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