Don’t eat anything in spring

Everyone wants to be healthy. Do you know what to eat in the spring to keep you healthy? Do you know what foods can ruin your health? Here are ten foods that should not be eaten in spring …

Excessive sodium content in food can easily cause brain cells to be in a state of ischemia and hypoxia for a long time, which will lead to memory loss. The diet strives to be light, restricting the consumption of foods with excessive salt, such as pickled products, salted fish, etc.

Lipid peroxide can damage some metabolic systems, damage brain cells, and promote premature brain failure or dementia. It is common in foods fried at high temperatures and foods exposed to the sun for a long time, such as smoked fish and roast duck.

Aluminium can inhibit the enzyme activity in the brain, promote the body s memory to gradually decline, reduce thinking, and even induce dementia. The alum in fritters is an inorganic substance containing aluminum, so it should not be eaten more; less aluminum is used for cooking food.

Lead is a big killer of the brain. Eating lead-containing foods, such as popcorn, preserved eggs, canned food, etc., lead will enter the brain with the blood, causing insufficient oxygen and nutritional supply in the brain, damaging brain cells and causing memory loss. Insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, destroying brain cells, causing memory loss and brain tissue damage.

Glutamate, the main ingredient of MSG, will produce a substance that inhibits the nerves during the digestive process of the human body, affecting the nervous system and damaging brain tissue. Especially infants and pregnant women with immature brain development and pregnant women should avoid MSG flavored foods.

The dietary habits of modern people are acidic, which can easily make the acid and glutamate in the body unbalanced and become acidic. It affects brain function, memory loss, and inattention. It is recommended that the daily diet acidity ratio be maintained at two to eight, reduce the intake of acidic foods such as meat and seafood, and moderately increase partial foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Concluding remarks: Everyone remembers the foods that are suitable for spring health! Everyone must eat more of these foods in spring! There are some foods that will cause premature brain aging, so you must pay attention!

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