Eat more warm food and less cold before and after the winter solstice

Traditional Chinese medicine theoretically says that the winter solstice is yang, that is, the solar term runs until the winter solstice, and the cathode is yang. At this time, the yang in the human body develops yang, and it is easiest to absorb external nutrients, and exert its nourishing effect. Most suitable. During the tonic period, eat more warm foods, eat less or stay away from cold foods. You can eat beef and mutton, and add spices such as peppercorns, dried ginger, cinnamon , grass fruit, cloves, etc. when cooking. In addition, seafood, fungi, leek, pumpkin, and fruits such as jujube, orange, and longan are all mild.

Pork is best to eat less, because pork belongs to water and cold, and should be fasted for patients with yang deficiency. Seasonal Chinese cabbage is cold and cold, and people who are afraid of cold in winter should also eat less. Oranges have similar flavors to oranges, but they are cooler in nature and should be eaten less. In addition, common cold foods in the family include loach, winter melon, celery, lily, and white fungus. It is not advisable to overdo the greasy and nourishing items , otherwise it will hurt the spleen and stomach, but the effect is not good and the health is damaged.

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