Eat radish in the winter solstice

The saccharifying enzymes and mustard oil contained in radish are of great benefit to human digestive function. The reason is that the saccharifying enzyme can decompose the other components in food, making it fully absorbed and utilized by the human body; mustard oil has pungent starch and fat, which make it absorbed and utilized by the human body; mustard oil has a spicy taste and can promote

Radish, has the effect of lowering gas and asthma, relieving cough, removing phlegm, removing food, removing swelling, facilitating urination and detoxification. Patients with acute or chronic bronchitis or coughing phlegm and asthma, washed slices or silk with white radish, marinated with sugar, eaten, has the effect of reducing qi and phlegm and asthma. When vomiting, you can mash the radish, cook it in encrypted water, chew it carefully, and have the effects of stomach, antiemetic and digestion.

Radish also has a good anti-cancer effect. This is because radish contains fiber lignin, which can improve the functions of macrophages, foreign bodies and necrotic cells, thereby strengthening the body s ability to fight cancer. This kind of anti-cancer effect is best eaten raw radish. In addition, the saccharifying enzyme contained in radish can also break down the carcinogen nitrosamine and play a role in preventing cancer. Raw radish juice has a slow antihypertensive effect. Raw radish juice with honey can be a good supplementary food for patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Diet adjustments should follow the ancient training of autumn and winter nourishing yin, no disturbance to the yang, whatever is deficient, and those who are cold and warm, and adjust the diet with four seasons of climate change. Yuan Sihu s Drinking to Eat said: … the winter air is cold, it is best to eat it to treat the cold with heat.

That is to say, eat less cold, but not hot, and some purposely eat some Ziyinyang, high-calorie meals, and eat more fresh vegetables to avoid vitamin deficiency, such as: beef and mutton, black chicken, Sturgeon, drink more soy milk and milk, eat more radishes, vegetables, tofu, fungus and so on.

It should be noted here that our country is vast, the geography environment is different, and people s lifestyles are different. They all belong to the winter season, and the climate conditions in the northwestern region of the southeast coast are very different. Products such as beef, sheep, dog meat, etc.; although it is already winter in the south of the Yangtze River, the temperature is much milder than that in the northwest, and the tonic should be refreshed with sweet and warm flavors, such as chicken, duck, and fish; In plateau mountainous areas, where there is less rainfall and a drier climate, fruits, vegetables and rock sugar that are the products of Ganrunshengjin should be used. In addition, it must be different from person to person, because there are grains, fruits and vegetables, people are different from men, women and children, and the body (physical constitution) is based on the fact that the body is healthy and cold. Raising, middle-aged readjustment, old age rei nsurance, delay renewal. Therefore, the Winter Order Tonic should be targeted to select clear, warm, small, and large supplements according to the actual situation. Never blindly tonic.

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