Housekeeping should also change with the season

Autumn is the season of high incidence of urinary system diseases, and prostatitis is the most common disease among them. It is characterized by many types of pathogens, high incidence, and long onset years. Prostate onset is mainly caused by patients who do not pay attention to personal hygiene and urinary tract retrograde infection caused by poor lifestyle. In autumn, many men suffer from this disease, which manifests as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, poor urination, white secretions during urination or stool, and discomfort caused by backache and perineal soreness, resulting in hematuria and urinary retention. A series of symptoms. Because it is difficult to completely cure, many people suffer from this for a long time.

Fall men should develop good personal hygiene habits and emphasize a good lifestyle. In addition, regular hot water sitz baths, vitamin supplements, and physical exercise can also enhance immune function.

For women, the loss of sexual desire appears in autumn, often manifested in the dryness of husband and wife life, which is caused by the dryness of autumn. Dryness and dryness are easy to hurt. At the autumn season, dryness not only affects the mood and joy of the house, but also brings pain and injury.

Sexual psychologists point out that in order to prevent dryness from causing unpleasant couples lives, the time of sexual foreplay can be appropriately extended before the house in autumn to fully mobilize and stimulate female sexual desire. At this time, the woman must not be depressed because of this, otherwise the secretion of the genital glands will be further suppressed, making the intercourse unhappy.

It should be harvested in autumn and not scattered, and intercourse should be reduced. Generally speaking, people have insufficient yang qi, which can be used to generate yang qi by warming the qi of spring, and yang hot in summer, while yin essence is insufficient, they can be used to conserve yin by using the autumn and winter collection.

Qiuzao body fluid is easy to hurt, causing dry throat, nose, lips, dry cough, hoarseness, dry skin, dry stool and other dryness. Therefore, the autumn diet should choose more moisturizing products, such as lily, white fungus, yam, autumn pear, lotus root, duck meat, persimmon, sesame, etc., in order to moisturize the lungs, nourish yin and dry. In addition to acid and moisturizing, it is also important to note that after the summer, the summer heat subsides , and people s appetite generally increases. In addition, the variety of foods harvested in the autumn is abundant. At this time, it is not appropriate to supplement too much, so as to avoid dietary confidence, gastrointestinal and injury .

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