How fat children should lose weight?

Children tend to gain weight mainly in three stages, before the age of one, five or six years and puberty. Adolescent obesity is the most harmful to children. In addition to the precocious puberty mentioned above, the three highs of adults are also approaching children. 50% of obese children have high blood lipids, fatty liver, are susceptible to children with hypertension, prematurely suffer from insulin resistance, diabetes, etc., affecting the heart, Normal function of the lungs, liver, kidneys and other organs , and decreased immune function.

In addition, obesity can reduce the oxygen content of blood, induce hypoxemia, cause myocardial ischemia and myocardial hypertrophy. Similarly, obese people have slow blood flow and long-term hypoxia in the brain, which will affect memory and affect Developing children have intellectual side effects. A lot of fat people s academic performance is generally in the middle and lower reaches of the class, and obesity is also one of the main reasons. Chen Qing said.

Finally, she also reminded parents who have fat children at home that because children s bone density is not enough to support excessive weight, obese children are more likely to have accidental injuries such as fractures and sprains than normal children, so special attention should be paid.

She suggested that although the child is prone to obesity in three stages, the first two stages of obesity are recommended to be controlled and prevented, and weight loss is not recommended. Because the child was in a period of full development at that time , weight loss is not good for the child s growth. For example, 5 to 12 years is the period when the child s bones are fully developed. Therefore, it is recommended that the child lose weight after 12 years of age, and also have uncontrolled nutritional intake. For a healthy way to lose weight, do not blindly diet your child, so as not to delay the child s healthy growth. Chen Qing suggested.

As to what degree of obesity is necessary to lose weight, Chen Qing believes that it is better to start from mild, because this degree of obesity is easier to control, and some bad habits of parents and children are easier to correct. In the two months of summer, you can basically return to the normal weight range, but if it is moderate and severe, it may take a long process.

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