How to clear the internal organs and get angry in spring

In spring, the human body is very easy to get angry. Sometimes our various symptoms will remind us that you are getting angry. This kind of fire has quietly come to our body. We have a feeling that the body is not Comfortable, but ca nt tell what is uncomfortable. For example, the heat in the body makes us snoring pantothenic acid, bad breath, constipation, sleeplessness and other symptoms. When this happens, our five internal organs are on fire. We must hurry to think Ways to extinguish fire.

The The yang in the spring germinates. Sometimes the temperature is high and sometimes the temperature is very low. Many people will have many symptoms of physical discomfort. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this is the expression of depression.

In the winter, the yang is hidden, and people have less activity. In addition, there are more warm tonics, the qi and blood run slowly, and the body heats up. However, after the panic season, natural yang develops and the body stagnates with heat, so symptoms such as headache and dizziness, snoring pantothenic acid, upset and irritability will appear.

Traditional Chinese medicine theoretically believes that spring fires are divided into many types, including heart fire, lung fire, liver fire, and stomach fire, and are divided into real fire and virtual fire. To deal with virtual fire, only by adding more conditioning to our daily diet, symptoms can be resolved. Disappeared, but for real fire, then we need to use drugs to extinguish the fire.

Why is there a heartbreak? Basically it has a lot to do with staying up late and working overtime and causing kidney yin injury. People who are full of heart are prone to mood swings, insomnia and dreams, irritability, and symptoms such as tongue erosion and yellowing of the urine.

Most of the children show restlessness, etc. These are false fires, so if there is a situation of anger, we can eat more bitter gourds to reduce the fire, or use 10 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of jujube kernels, and 10 grams of wolfberry. Substituting water for tea can effectively improve the symptoms of heartburn.

But it must be noted that people who are in high spirits must remember not to stay up late, even if they can t sleep, try to go to bed at about 10:30 at night and close their eyes.

Because bamboo leaves can effectively reduce deficiency heat, treat irritability and insomnia, and quench thirst. Bai Maogen can effectively remove blood stasis. Combined with the two, it has the effect of refreshing and soothing, and has a sweet and delicious taste.

In the spring, many people will have small problems such as gingival swelling and pain. In addition, they will have dry mouth, dry mouth, bad breath, severe acid reflux, heartburn, and stomach burning. This may be caused by the stomach fire …

Stomach fire diet should be light, eat more papaya or white fungus and other foods, do not eat too much spicy food or meat, you can also use pueraria powder to drink water, cold food can also go to stomach fire, such as bananas; kiwi Wait. You can eat more vegetables, which can effectively prevent dry stools caused by stomach heat.

Most of the manifestations of qifeihuosheng are emotional instability, rough wheezing, irritability, dry eyes, cough without phlegm, hot flushes, night sweats, heart and foot heat, insomnia, red tongue and other symptoms.

If you want to extinguish the lung fire, we can drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as papaya, pear, radish, etc. In addition, we must exercise appropriately.

The north is relatively dry, this situation is particularly prominent, you can take radish sugar cane juice. Take the white radish and sugar cane, wash them and squeeze the juice separately. Take 20 ml of white radish juice and 10 ml of sugar cane juice each time.

Liver fire is strong, mostly caused by poor mood and staying up late. Most people with liver fire show dizziness, pain, red face, red eyes, dry mouth, dryness, irritability, mixed nightmares, and tinnitus such as cicada.

To reduce liver fire, we can take lotus juice drink, take dried mint or fresh mint, white chrysanthemum, brew with 300 ml of boiling water, cover with stuffy for ten minutes and then drink.

Deficiency of Qi and Blood of Kidney Meridian, Depression and Heat Reduction, mainly manifested as physical weight loss, hot flashes, night sweats, dry mouth, dry throat, sore throat, red urine, and red tongue and little fur.

If you want to extinguish the kidney fire, we can do this by rubbing the acupoints on the waist and eyes. First of all, after the two hands are rubbing against the fever, press firmly on the waist and eyes. After a short pause, rub the coccyx area downwards for 50 times. once.

Since spring is the season when our internal organs are susceptible to fire, we must pay more attention to seeing whether our body is experiencing the above uncomfortable symptoms. If there is a fire, we must fight the fire and treat ourselves. The fire alarm bell let us spend this warm season quietly and healthily.

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