How to keep healthy after a meal

Dear friends, have you ever heard the ancients say that Guangsha mansion sleeps less than five feet a night, and grain fields have a total solar eclipse but three meals? Even the richest place to sleep and eat is still so much. No matter how rich you are, you cant enjoy it without life. So what is the way to keep in good health? Is it to eat health supplements or exercise? In fact, both of these are health methods, but the most important thing is to avoid bad habits.

Drink tea immediately after meals and tannic acid and theophylline in tea will affect the body s digestion of food. The entry of tannic acid into the gastrointestinal tract will inhibit the secretion of gastric juice and intestinal juice, resulting in indigestion and spleen and stomach.

Eating fruit immediately after meals, the rapid digestion of fruit will affect the speed of digestion of starch, protein and fat. At the same time, the main component of fruit is fructose, which will ferment and spoil at high temperatures in the stomach, easily causing flatulence and constipation.

The nicotine produced by tobacco combustion will stimulate the nervous system of the human body and cause excitement. After meals, the stomach will digest food, blood flow will accelerate, it will be easier to absorb nicotine, and increase the risk of cancer.

After meals, the human digestive organs must complete the absorption and digestion function. Vigorous exercise causes the blood to disperse into the muscles around the body, which will cause insufficient blood supply to the digestive organs, which will affect digestion and absorption. At the same time, the stomach is filled with food after a meal, and then exercise will cause the stomach to be shaken, and stomach pain will occur.

Sitting for a long time after a meal is a common phenomenon in modern office workers. If sitting for a long time, food will not be completely digested and absorbed, which will cause indigestion for a long time.

On the other hand, sitting for a long time after a meal is also a cause of the big belly. Abdominal fat itself is not easy to get exercise. If you sit for a long time, it will cause fat accumulation, shape loss and obesity.

First of all, drink soda or other drinks after a meal, a large amount of liquid will dilute the gastric juice, resulting in food can not be digested in time, long-term symptoms of indigestion and decreased appetite.

Secondly, some beverages containing carbon dioxide, such as soft drinks, beer, etc., will cause acute gastric dilation, and a long-term big belly will naturally form.

Just after eating, a large amount of food enters the human body through the digestive tract and waits for further digestion by the digestive organs. At this time, the pressure of the gastrointestinal organs, which is specifically responsible for converting food into nutrition and energy, has greatly increased, and the blood in the body will be concentrated in these two organs accordingly, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the digestive system.

If you take a bath at this time, the high temperature will transfer a large amount of blood to the surface of the body, and the total amount of blood in the body is fixed, and the blood on the body surface will increase, and the blood near the stomach will decrease. Once the blood supply is insufficient, it is inevitable Will affect the digestion and absorption of food. Especially for people with cardiovascular disease, such a dangerous move cannot be made.

In fact, you can t sleep immediately after a meal. Even if you are sleepy, you should wait for a period of time. The reason is similar. Food digestion requires gastrointestinal peristalsis, gastrointestinal peristalsis requires a lot of blood support, and falling asleep is a relatively gentle activity. The ultimate goal is to reduce the body s fluctuations and enter the dreamland safely. This process will undoubtedly conflict with the digestion of food. On the one hand, indigestion may occur, and on the other hand, it may cause symptoms such as dizziness and fireworks, so even if you want to sleep, you should wait for about half an hour after eating.

Through the dietary regimen described above, it is not advisable to smoke, drink tea, go to bed or exercise vigorously after meals. At the same time, changing some foods before meals is beneficial to health, such as fruit and soup. Therefore, if you want good health and longevity, you must start with the details of life so that everyone can be a health expert.

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