How to protect the stomach in spring

Spring flower bloom is a very good season, but in this season, many patients with chronic gastritis will experience symptoms of stomach discomfort. Why do they often come to the door in spring? Experts said that gastric disease is most likely to recur during seasonal exchanges . This is related to changes in weather and changes in people s mental state, which will lead to recurrence of old gastric disease. How to care for your stomach in spring? She gave three suggestions.

Many people are prone to sleepless in spring in the spring, often feeling inadequate and prefer to sleep until noon, but this kind of work and rest is easy to hunger and eat, and it is most likely to hurt the stomach ;

If you have stomach problems, you can eat some Chinese medicine or ingredients that are helpful to the stomach, such as Hericium erinaceus, Qianhu, and Huaishan. These ingredients have been proven to nourish the stomach.

Non-smoking alcohol, do not eat too irritating and greasy foods; do not eat foods with too high starch content, such as glutinous rice, sweet potatoes, taro, the sugar content is too high, stomach acid is easy to produce acid when stimulated ; carbonated beverages are easy to produce gas will cause gas Snoring is best not to touch.

Stomach disease is a common disease, and there are sayings of ten people and nine stomachs in the oral tradition of ordinary people. The prevention and treatment of gastric diseases should be detected and treated early. So, what are the clues that can cause stomach problems early?

Experts answered, The most common symptoms of stomach problems are stomach pain, nausea, bloating, and epigastric discomfort. You can make your own preliminary judgment. If these symptoms appear on an empty stomach, they can be relieved after eating, most of which are related to stomach problems.

According to experts, stomach or ulcer disease has three characteristics, namely chronic, periodic, and rhythmic. If you experience upper abdominal pain and acid reflux on an empty stomach, be alert to stomach problems, and if you have a meal, be alert to gallbladder lesions, but you will need to go to the hospital for a final diagnosis. Therefore, once your stomach is uncomfortable, or you have frequent stomach pains, it is recommended that you go to the hospital for a thorough examination. Do not wait for major symptoms to be treated. Sometimes you have slowly developed chronic stomach problems during your long-term neglect.

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