It ’s getting warmer in spring

Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening. As the wind dives into the night, the moisturise is silent. The intermittent spring rain, with the gradually warmer weather, the human body s various functions began to slowly wake from the cold winter. However, it s the hardest thing to do when it s warm and cold. A variety of open spring diseases followed, and some of the weaker people were even more susceptible to illness than winter.

Spring is a season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases. Due to the changeable weather, warm and cold, and the human body s immunity is relatively low at this time, pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses take the opportunity to enter and invade the human body, which is particularly likely to cause influenza, Infectious diseases such as gill flow. At the same time, as the temperature rises, infectious diseases such as hand-foot-mouth disease are gradually rising. If you usually do not pay attention to exercise, coupled with indoor air circulation, it is easy to cause the epidemic of respiratory infectious diseases.

In the south, most of the spring rains, and the cold and cold is the cause of osteoarthritis. The elderly pay attention to keeping warm in winter, but it is easy to be negligent in the early spring, causing recurrence or exacerbation of osteoarthritis.

With the warmer weather in spring, people s outdoor activities increase, and myocardial oxygen consumption also increases. The elderly s autoimmune function declines, and the chances of suffering from cold and bacterial infections also increase, prone to respiratory diseases such as colds, fevers, and lung infections, and these diseases may induce or aggravate cardiovascular disease.

The temperature difference is large, and the regulation of vasoconstriction and diastole is high. Therefore, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, and stroke are more likely to occur in spring.

According to changes in temperature, increase or decrease clothing in a timely manner, maintain a suitable temperature in the room, avoid sudden cold and heat, reduce blood pressure fluctuations and angina pectoris.

Light diet, choose a low-salt, low-fat, high-fiber diet to maintain smooth bowel movements (easy to get angry in the spring to exacerbate constipation, and hard bowel movements are also a major cause of angina).

The People with a history of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not stop taking the medicine at will, and carry emergency medicine with them when they go out. If any discomfort such as chest tightness, chest pain occurs, you should seek medical treatment in time.

Clinical data show that spring is a period of extremely high recurrence of mental disorders. Because with the extension of spring sunshine, the degree of ionization of air is high, and the hormones and neurotransmitters in the human body will change accordingly. At the same time , spring temperature fluctuates greatly, and the air pressure is relatively low, coupled with the continuous rain and rain, it is easy to cause depression, anxiety, and boredom.

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