Keep your throat clear in spring

Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool taste, has the effects of clearing heat and moistening the lungs, and has a good effect on pharyngeal opening and sounding. It is especially suitable for lungs, hot and dry coughs, and it has a good improvement effect on common dry throat, pain, and aphasia.

Pair with Sydney or Honeysuckle: You can use Luo Han Guo directly to soak it in water to drink, it will have the effect of cough and throat; you can also use Luo Han Guo and Sydney (decored and cut), boiled water to drink , stew until the Sydney is soft and rotten, nourishing Yin, Runzao cough effect is better.

Hunchun is often caused by dry cough, at this time you can cook a bowl of Maidong Yuzhu porridge. Ophiopogon nourishes yin and nourishes lungs, nourishes the stomach and promotes Jin, clears the heart and removes annoyance, Yuzhu nourishes yin and moisturises, nourishes and quenches thirst, and is very effective for the symptoms of dryness of the lungs, cough, dry mouth, sore throat, upset and insomnia.

You can add red dates or rock sugar: Ophiopogon japonicus and Yuzhu are both sweet and moisturizing products. After cooking porridge, the taste may be too light. You can add a few red dates or two rock sugar to make a bowl of moistening cough porridge perfect.

It is also a good choice to use Sydney cream for home recuperation, which has the effects of regenerating lungs, clearing heat and reducing phlegm. It is also very convenient to eat, one spoon at a time, can be taken directly or taken with water .

Homemade Sydney cream is very simple: after washing the Sydney, remove the core and mash it into juice (about a pound), then put it in a pot, boil it with a low heat to make a thin paste, and then pour honey ( about four or two) and boil it Keep the paste in a clean glass container.

If you feel dry skin, yin deficiency and dry cough, you can squeeze liujue drink to drink. Liujue drinks cold and heats down, dries up and relieves cough, so if you have a cold cough or a cold body, it is not suitable for drinking.

Remember to use fresh products: take 1 Sydney (without core), 30 grams each of fresh lotus root, lotus root, white radish, sugar cane, and fresh lily.

It can be used as both a drink and a snack: to make white radish drink, first cut the raw white radish into small pieces, and then mix the honey evenly. Let it stand for more than 2 hours. The honey radish juice can be obtained at the bottom of the container and drink with warm water. The remaining honey and white radish can be eaten directly or dried as a snack.

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