Moisture in spring, these must-have foods

The rain and rain in spring, dampness and spleen, hinder spleen and yang, cause dysfunction of qi and blood, and impaired meridians, and the human body will feel tired and lethargic. Therefore, spleen deficiency and dampness are the main reasons for spring sleepiness . Want to eliminate spring sleep , in addition to going to bed early and getting up early, do more exercise, but also focus on strengthening the spleen and dampness, and diet conditioning. What can we eat in spring to release moisture ?

The fungi are also good ingredients for dampness. Fungi include a variety of ears and mushrooms: such as fungus, white fungus, mushrooms, and bamboo fungus. Fungi have high protein, dietary fiber amino acids, vitamins, and multi-minerals, while they have no cholesterol, low fat and low sugar.

The corn flavor is sweet and flat, the spleen is appetizing, and the water is drunk. Suitable for people with edema and gonorrhea. It is recommended to substitute corn decoction for tea. It is best to add corn and cook it together; it can also be used with winter melon skin and red bean.

Black sesame flavor Ganping, can nourish liver and kidney, moisten five internal organs, moisturize and smooth intestines. It is suitable for people with liver and kidney deficiency, early white hair, weak body after illness, etc. It also treats lack of fluid and intestinal dryness. It is recommended to be used as soup or boiled into sesame paste.

The yam yam tastes sweet and flat, and enters the spleen, lung, and kidney meridians. It has various effects such as strengthening the spleen, nourishing the lungs, strengthening the kidney, and replenishing essence. In history, it is known as the Four Big Huai Medicines , together with Achyranthes bidentata, Rehmannia glutinosa, and chrysanthemum. They are sold overseas, and the four big Huaishan medicines are ranked first, and the Huaishan family iron bars are king. In spring, using Huaishan with other ingredients has a good spleen and dampness effect.

If you feel that your body has moisture, such as effusion, edema, eczema, abscess and other problems related to muddy water in your body, 薏 Mi is your best helper. Bai Ren is the most beneficial to the water, so as not to consume the true yin qi. It is the most suitable for those who are wet in the lower body. It also has a beauty effect.

There is moisture in the body, and the water cannot flow with the blood and qi, and it stays between the cells of the human body, causing the human body to swell quickly, causing edema and weight. Red beans contain naphtha, which can increase gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation, promote urination, and eliminate puffiness. Red bean water is more effective for edema caused by heavy taste, stress, or irregular bowel movements.

Hawthorn is sweet, sour and warm. Suitable for people with belching and swallowing acid, abdominal pain, hyperlipidemia, blood stasis, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum stasis and abdominal pain. It is recommended to use about 12 pieces of hawthorn and add a little sugar to replace the tea.

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, the soil Poria has the effect of spleen and stomach, strong bones and bones, and rheumatism. The fresh soil Poria has the effect of dehumidifying and detoxifying the soil, and it is more refreshing than the dry soil Poria.

Maybe many people dont know. In addition to winter melon, which is a vegetable we eat in summer, winter melon skin and winter melon seeds are also a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, which has the effect of dehydrating and moisturizing. Materia Medica records throughout the history, melon peel can cure swelling, eliminate heat and poison, and facilitate urination. Winter melon has a strong effect on water, and people who are prone to edema should eat it often. The soup is effective, so it needs less salt, and light food is better.

Loquat lentils are called the king of beans. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, lentils are sweet and enter the spleen and stomach meridians. They treat dampness in the spleen, fatigue, fatigue, diarrhea, and edema. Lentils are mild and yellowish in color, and are most compatible with the spleen. Therefore, eating more lentils can replenish the spleen without getting tired.

Improper consumption of lentils can lead to poisoning. Therefore, when cooking lentils, they must be cooked thoroughly before consumption. The lentils, saponins, and other natural stagnant toxins contained in lentils are relatively heat-resistant, and can only be destroyed after they are heated to 100 degrees Celsius for a period of time.

Properly drink some carp soup, which can help dampness, appetizing, and swelling. From a nutritional point of view, carp is rich in high-quality protein, minerals and vitamins, and is easily digested and absorbed. It is suitable for all types of people, including children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Artemisia annua is spicy and sweet. It can warm the spleen and appetizers, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, lower blood pressure and nourish the brain. It is suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, cough and sputum, uncomfortable urination, and abdominal pain . Therefore, the rain and solar energy conditioning spleen and stomach may wish to eat more Artemisia annua, which can play a good role in health care.

The lotus leaf is green and fragrant, and it is a raw material often used in traditional medicated diet. The lotus leaf has the effects of clearing away heat and dampness, raising hair and clearing the sun, cooling blood and stopping bleeding. Modern studies have confirmed that lotus leaves have good effects on lowering blood lipids, cholesterol, and weight loss, and its range of food therapy has been further expanded.

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