My weight loss experience by massage

A cold winter, coupled with a lazy Spring Festival, let me have a sharp deterioration of the body, which was not light enough, and the weight quickly increased by 10 jin! In order to rescue the remaining self-confidence and self-esteem, we can only rush to the weight loss center at the first time.

The first time I tried this method, I was very nervous. I used to do massage to lose weight. It’s called a pain! The ladies of the two beauty salons tried to rub my body with their big strong hands like dough, and soon my skin was red, so I could only clench my teeth! Rubbing the abdomen is more painful, painful and itchy.

In the treatment room, my heart lay on the bed, a strong comfort themselves “want to lose weight can not pay the price?” I didn’t expect to lose weight for the first time without any pain. The doctor began to massage the acupoints from my UNICORN arm, with appropriate strength, only feeling a little sore. My abdomen is my key part to lose weight. Dr. Song pressed many acupoints here, which will reduce my appetite. However, he stressed that excessive acupoints and pressing would cause damage to the viscera, so he did not agree with the current acupoints and slimming methods carried out by some beauty salons. He did not systematically learn the meridians and collaterals and pursued the slimming effect too much, which often caused damage to the patients by the slimming staff of some beauty salons.

The next step was to trample on my back. The doctor put on a pair of dance shoes, sat on a special massage bed, and used the toes to press the major acupoints on my back. Finally, the massage of shoulder and neck. The whole set of massage feels very comfortable, and the fatigue disappears. The shoulder which is too tense because of knocking on the computer feels very relaxed, and the face is ruddy.

After the massage, I wait for the doctor’s order. For example, I can only eat some cucumbers for dinner, don’t eat staple food at noon, drink less water and don’t eat fruit. Unexpectedly, doctor song just asked me to have porridge or soup for dinner, control the staple food to eat more vegetables and increase exercise. Not at all harsh!

I had mushroom soup and a little cake and vegetables for dinner. The meal was smaller than usual. I didn’t feel hungry before I went to bed. The second time to lose weight, Dr. Song obviously increased the massage intensity than the first time, and felt a little pain. My obesity is related to the weakness of the spleen and stomach, and my stomach likes flatulence at ordinary times. Doctor song taught me a little trick, often nodding Zhongwan point, which not only restrained my appetite, but also helped to regulate my breath. The second time I lost weight, I felt that my hard and bulging stomach became soft and the height also decreased.

After three times of weight loss, I simply rely on this method of weight loss, because every massage is quite comfortable, not like weight loss but like a kind of relaxation and health care.

After four times of losing weight, I really lost 3 jin! Because their body weight base is not high, doctors say weight loss will not be too obvious, but a course down the body curve will certainly have considerable changes. I also feel that my appetite has indeed declined. When I go back to my mother-in-law’s house at weekends, I feel quite calm in the face of the table full of delicacies. My mother-in-law’s strong dissatisfaction is aroused by the fact that my favorite delicacies, such as braised pork, are all tasted. However, I’m secretly enjoying myself. It seems that I have great hope to wear a miniskirt next month.

In the experience of diet, exercise, taking cathartic all kinds of “torture” test, but I failed again and again, the reason is only one – did not encounter a good way to lose weight easily! Until I heard that there was a non sweating, lying down and weight-loss body building institution opened by Korean people near the world trade center, my new experience began again.

The first time I saw Korean body sculpting instrument, I felt it was quiet and elegant, more like a private club. First, I measured my physical condition through the body fat analyzer, and the result was that the content of protein, muscle, water and abdominal fat exceeded the standard. After having a detailed understanding of my daily habits and health status, I have developed a set of targeted weight loss programs for me.

Every instrument has strict use time and teacher’s action guidance. In a total of 56 minutes of exercise time, there is no fatigue and sweating. People just lie on it and move passively, which is the reason that attracts me. The general feeling is that the intense sports once sweated will consume a lot of water in the body, often accompanied by joint pain and trauma, and the upright posture is more vulnerable to gravity and make the figure droop. Well, it’s all avoided this time.

Every time I exercise, I have a kind and professional teacher to guide me, which can be seen from their detailed food calories and exercise principles. It not only emphasizes instrument practice, but also provides comprehensive guidance from daily life, diet and other aspects. In the three meals I record every day, there are instructions from the teacher, such as “skin the chicken to reduce the calories by 40%,” eat less cake containing 319kcal / 100g “, etc.

I’ve done it for the 13th time. At the beginning, the joint muscles were stiff and uncomfortable, and now I feel more and more soft. After many exercises and exchanges, I pay more attention to regular living habits and healthy diet. Although I have lost 1 kg at present, it has been effective. I am confident in the success of weight loss after 26 times.

“Lose weight” is my “heart disease”. In the shopping mall that day, the salesgirl took good and unpleasant care of “this is our biggest size”. She couldn’t swallow this tone. She thought that we were thin, but only “born in a bad time”: at that time, the wide dress swing was popular, and we put more than ninety kilograms of one meter six seven into the wide round swing shirt, which was not necessary to say, but also a famous clavicular beauty Of course, it’s not so elegant to change my mother’s view: the bony reed sticks. Fashion turns around in turn. Nowadays, it’s changing the era of bone feeling beauty. It’s amazing that our figure is not as strong as it was when we had a baby. Our waist is thick, stomach is round, and arms are strong. This is the scene of being “cared for”. Well, it’s not twice at a time. Therefore, I always talk about how good it would be if we were popular in the Tang Dynasty or learned from Tonga. But under, the pain makes the determination: reduces!

The doctor first gave me a basic knowledge course: weight loss methods are divided into operative and non-operative categories. Non-surgical weight loss, such as traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, phototherapy, manual massage and drug penetration, etc., among which phototherapy is not much in Beijing. The principle of phototherapy is to crush the fat mass, i.e. to use six laser secondary tubes to shine on the human skin, to break the fiber envelope of the fat, to crush the fat and metabolize it with the lymph circulation. In the process of treatment, it feels slightly cold. Because of the reason of cooling down to 20 degrees, it also has anesthesia effect, and the treatment process is very comfortable.

Special tips: phototherapy is mainly aimed at: skin relaxation, loss of elasticity; cellulite and orange skin fat; edema, elimination of toxins, leg hypertrophy. Not suitable for pregnant, skin lesions, heart failure, hyperthyroidism and other people.

Compared with other ways to lose weight, phototherapy should be the kind of no pain, after coming back to eat and drink. After the second time, I can’t help but let the beautician measure the effect. Let alone, my abdominal circumference is 90cm. I need to know that this is the second time.

The third time I did it, I found the change of abdominal skin. The original fold area obviously expanded a lot. Ha, there was less orange skin. Although the pregnancy pattern was still there, it was not as obvious as before. So I secretly rejoiced: can I wear those little waist in summer?

Magic charm: painless Chinese medicine can reduce weight, and it has the effect of firming skin and removing wrinkles. It is mainly aimed at the obesity caused by endocrine disorders, childhood obesity, genetic obesity, muscle obesity after exercise and people with standard weight shaping. It can reduce weight through acupuncture to suppress appetite and consume fat.

Take off the winter clothes for spring clothes, anxious to lose weight busy. Bathing in the spring breeze of March, walking through the winding path of green bamboo, gently pushing open the gate of Zhaolan beauty center, and starting the annual “weight loss exercise”.

So, take off the “outer package”, first measure height, waist, hip, upper arm, thigh, and then weight “Weight: 108.5 Jin, waist circumference…” Assistant little sister laid the new bed sheet quickly. Looking at the long thin steel needle in Dr. Li’s hand, I couldn’t help dodging to one side, “don’t be nervous, I don’t feel any pain when I put in the needle.” I closed my eyes and felt the feeling of acupuncture, as if I touched the tip of the needle with my hand. I felt that it didn’t hurt to prick it for a while, but the needle was swollen. Then Hegu acupoints on the back of the big arm, the small arm and the hand, then to the calves, and finally the acupoints on the foot. I calculated in my heart that there were 20 needles in total.

In order to divert my attention, the doctor read the recipe: for breakfast, drink a cup of sugar free soybean powder (soy milk) or skim milk, add 1-2 eggs; for lunch, eat lean meat (preferably beef and mutton, or boiled or roasted), pig’s paw, elbow or with stir fry (large leaf green vegetables), stew, beans, soybeans (except soybean), tofu (bean skin and meat can not be eaten on the same day), do not eat tomatoes and staple food Dinner: one cucumber and two tomatoes (except cherry tomatoes) between 6:30 and 7:00.

A quarter of an hour later, he began to transport the needle. This time, I felt that which part of the needle was inflated like inflation, but there was no pain. Another quarter of an hour later, Dr. Li, who had a sharp action, put the steel needle into the palm of his hand with the coolness of alcohol. “Well, I’ll be here today. I’ll eat the cucumber and tomato before 7:30 p.m. and then I’ll eat the meat at noon tomorrow. Because the acupuncture on the abdomen helps to overcome the hunger. You won’t feel too hungry tonight. It’s ok if you don’t eat, but you must go to bed before 11 p.m.” I nodded frequently.

This night, I really didn’t feel hungry, but I didn’t feel used to not eating at night. I watched TV at random for a while and muttered. I don’t know when hunger will strike me in the long night. I’d better keep my strength and wash myself.

In the morning, the abdomen seems to be tied with waist or belt tightly. At noon, I had a good meal of instant boiled mutton and went to Doctor Li for advice. “This is tightening the abdomen, which will become more and more obvious in the future.” The first battle was won!

This time, I felt that there was a rush of gas in my abdomen, and I felt that it was obvious to put in the needle and carry it. When I came back home, I had a delicious taste of cucumber and tomato.

Breakfast on the third day was full of milk and two eggs. I chewed a piece of beef with soy sauce and a few mouthfuls of tofu at noon, which is to solve the problem of food and clothing, and I don’t feel hungry. To Zhaolan, 106 Jin!

On the fourth day, when the weight reached 105 Jin, the doctor said: stick to a course of treatment like this (15 times, 3 times of continuous acupuncture in the first week, 2 times a week in the future, without interruption), it’s OK to lose 10 jin, and the best thing is to eat meat with a big mouth, of course, according to the recipe.

Obesity is mainly due to poor blood circulation, resulting in fat accumulation. Through opening the whole body acupoints, promoting the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body, thus consuming fat, achieving the effect of weight loss. Generally, the weight of acupoints will change at one time, which will take more than 20 minutes. Food Taboo: beef, mutton, fried food, chocolate, cake, banana, etc. Do not exercise, do not hungry, the body in a quiet state of natural thin down, sounds a bit confused. But a friend tried it, and the effect surprised me!

Acupoint doctors say that it sounds like promoting blood circulation is similar to exercise or spa, but “acupoint opening” is not to lose body water, 90% of which is fat, so it is not easy to rebound. The doctor will adjust the stomach for the patient, and there will be no hunger during the treatment, so the eating habit is changed to breakfast + afternoon meal. Eat breakfast normally, including eggs, milk and fruits; don’t feel hungry during lunch time, but also consume a lot of fat, with the most obvious weight loss effect; control the afternoon meal between 4:30 and 6:00, and you can eat seafood, fish, beans and fruits. So accelerate the body’s metabolism, so that the body’s absorption of nutrition is better. The best one can lose about 10 Jin in more than ten days, and it will not be dizzy and weak, and will not be depressed. The most important thing is that acupoints can help you lose weight and gain weight. If you don’t follow the doctor’s advice, it may backfire. Think about it! Is it a pleasure to be greedy for words or to be thin for a summer?

I have tried medicine and exercise, but because the medicine has side effects on the body and is easy to rebound, and the exercise to lose weight lasts for a long time, and it’s hard, so I didn’t stick to it. Always want to find a way that does not damage the body and is easy to adhere to. I heard that acupoints are effective in reducing weight, so I decided to try.

The masseuse first suggested that I change my eating habits to breakfast + afternoon meal. The massage begins. After moving the thigh, the masseuse presses on the sharp pulse inside the thigh, and then presses on the acupoint outside the leg about 2 minutes later. The Daheng, middle wrist and Qihai around the abdomen are sensitive. It’s hard to massage. It feels sore and can’t breathe. Each acupoint is about 2 minutes. Then I massaged my back a little, and the massagist put his elbow against my looping point. After several acupoint massages on the legs and feet, the weight loss is over, 20 minutes in total. The masseuse encouraged me to see the effect tomorrow. Some people lost 3 jin at a time. After returning home, eat strictly according to the requirements and wait for the miracle to happen. Thanks to the massage, there is no feeling of hunger or thirst all day.

The next afternoon, to the beauty salon to weigh, weight did not lose. It’s OK to encourage yourself. It’s only one day. The second massage, due to the ideological preparation, does not feel as uncomfortable as the last time. Although the masseuse didn’t ask me to go on a diet, he added his own code and bought a bucket of yoghurt to eat these days.

On the third day, when I weighed myself, I found that I finally lost 1 jin. I was very happy. On the fourth day, I had a little stir fry because of the entertainment at noon, but I didn’t eat the main food. When I went to do it in the afternoon, I felt a little guilty, but fortunately, the Jin I reduced yesterday didn’t grow back. Make up your mind and stick to it. You can’t eat the Hesse.

In the next few days, I felt that the defecation was smoother than before. Although the meal time was changed and the food intake was reduced, there was no dizziness, fatigue and mental malaise. On the seventh day, I weighed 1.5kg and felt really cool. Now I’m still working on it. I hope I can lose a few Jin more. This method is easier to stick with than taking medicine and sweating to lose weight.

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