Obese girls should live wonderfully

Obesity is a huge blow to girls, not only hurting their self-confidence, but also affecting the surrounding people s perception of them. Obesity makes many naive girls very pessimistic, so they will try every means to lose weight. If weight loss is not successful, it will bring a new blow to them. But some girls are more mature and confident because of obesity. Let s take a look at the real experience of a fat girl.

I was born fat, people like to call me fat girl. When I was young, I was so beautiful, but I was disgusted when I was adolescent. Seeing me unhappy, my mother comforted me with a smile: Fat doesn t mean ugly. As long as you are healthy.

When I was in love, no one called me a fat girl, but I answered the phrase women are thin for their own pleasure. For my boyfriend, I tried my best to implement a weight loss plan. Dont dare to eat that, you cant touch it, drink weight loss water today, take weight loss pills tomorrow, and get a weight loss injection the day after tomorrow. I don t know how many methods I have used, but I haven t seen much weight. However, the rosy water spirit s face began to be dim and yellow, hungry all day long, and the parents warnings should be heard.

I was so frustrated, my first love ended in the boyfriend s I wish you happiness . For a time, I was gloomy like a young seedling scorched by the scorching sun. My mother was so distressed that she couldnt help but say, A person who thinks you re fat will never really love you and hurt you when you re together. Besides, such a vanity man doesn t deserve my girlfriend!

Think about it, my mother s words are not unreasonable, and after experiencing these, I also began to mature. Although fat girls are not as handsome as thin girls, they feel warm. Besides, fat is not a defect, as long as it does not affect health and life, you don t have to embarrass yourself, let alone become a burden. There are so many fat girls in the world, arent they still alive? In the face of established facts, a wise person should know how to accept rather than endless self-torture.

It s painful to fall in love, but the flowers of strong picking don t last long. If a man really loves a girl, he will not dislike him even if he is fat, let alone watch her suffer so much for losing weight . It s not just the appearance that attracts each other between lovers, but the spirit, temperament, and personality that really touches the heart. Only by discovering these bright lovers can love last forever.

Since then, I no longer deliberately lose weight, nor do I complain that my parents did not give myself a slim figure. Since the appearance is not easy to change, cultivate the inner temperament. So, after work, read a book, go online or write, or accompany parents to play ball and run. Later, I accidentally found out that I really like Latin dance and took a training course. Unexpectedly, after only two months of jumping, the coach praised me for dancing very Latin. After half a year, I clearly felt my change, my body was lighter and more compact, and my spirit was fresh and beautiful.

I once talked to the coach about the topic of fat women. I didn t expect her to say that dont look at some women who always think they are fat. Healthy and beautiful. In fact, it doesnt matter if you are fat or thin, each has its own advantages. Besides, if women are as thin as stalks, will life have such colorful beauty?

Xiao Xiaobian s message: Obese girls are definitely under more psychological pressure than girls of ordinary size, so fat girls are generally more mature and considerate. In fact, no matter how fat or thin, as long as you look at everything, life can be wonderful.

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