Old diseases are easy to recur in spring, and the health rules in spring keep you healthy

The spring and summer season is when the temperature of nature rises and the yang is gradually flourishing. At this time, the health care should focus on the yang to adapt to the seasonal changes. According to the characteristics of the human body s yang in the spring, you can choose a flat tonic and clear tonic diet, such as using warm food tonic. Pingbu diet is suitable for normal and frail people, such as buckwheat, barley kernels, soy milk, mung beans and apples, sesame, walnuts and so on. The Qingbu diet refers to a diet boiled with food that is cool in nature, such as pears, coriander, amaranth, and lily.

Yin deficiency and gastroduodenal ulcer disease should be attacked in the spring. Honey therapy can be used in the diet. Honey is steamed before meals and taken on an empty stomach, 100 ml daily, divided into 3 times; After cooking, add 50 grams of honey and 6 grams of white scallion. Mix well and drink. These have the effect of nourishing yin and stomach. Those with internal heat of yin deficiency can choose rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus heart porridge, and green puree. Do not eat sweet, greasy, fried, fatty, cold and rough food.

In spring, don t sleep too late at night, get up early in the morning, and develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early to adapt to the natural vitality. After getting up, you should loosen your hair, loosen your clothes buttons, stretch your body, and walk in the courtyard, so that your mind will be quick and active. The elderly generally have poor night sleep quality, and it is advisable to arrange a nap for a certain period of time.

After a night s sleep, the human body is soft and slack, and the flow of qi and blood is slow. When Fang wakes up, he always feels lazy and weak. If the limbs are stretched, the abdomen is stretched and the abdomen is stretched, the whole body muscles are forced, and deep breathing is used, it will have the effects of vomiting new energy, refreshing qi and activating blood circulation, unblocking meridian joints, and encouraging the spirit, which can relieve fatigue, refreshing, and increase vitality. So it is recommended to get up early in spring and stretch more.

Winter march withered, frozen insects, the human body s metabolism is correspondingly slowed down, resistance is reduced, it is easy to get sick, and it is particularly easy to damage yang. In the spring, dont rush to reduce your health. Slightly affected by wind and cold, prone to sickness.

Get up early every day and brush your fingernails from the front to the back of the hair one hundred times. If you stick to it, you will have bright hair, help dark hair, refreshed, and have high blood pressure, dizziness, headache, insomnia, and nervous breakdown. Has a certain effect.

Scallion, parsley, peanuts, durian and other very fragrant foods are very suitable for eating in spring, because they can promote the growth of yang and adapt to the natural laws of spring.

Liver In the spring, the liver qi develops. You should eat less acidic food with astringent effect. The liver is in the five elements, and the liver is spleen.

The lung meridian is on the inside of our arm, it passes through the shoulder socket and starts to extend down to the thumb, so we will take acupuncture points at the upper and lower ends of it to massage and it will have a good effect, and these two points are easier to find, one is in the shoulder socket In the middle of the location, the other is the Shao Shang acupoint of the thumb. Every morning, I get up every morning with half a fist and knock a hundred times .

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