Pay attention to wind and cold prevention in the cold season

Traditional Chinese medicine points out that we should pay attention to wind and cold prevention in the cold season. Clothes should be increased or decreased at any time with the change of temperature, for example: when going out, you can add coat appropriately according to your own situation, and wear masks, hats and scarves, etc. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory diseases should try to avoid going out in the morning and evening, in order to prevent large temperature difference between day and night, which may cause disease attack.

In the cold season, it’s better to form a good habit of washing feet before going to bed. When one’s legs and feet are cold, one’s whole body is cold. Before going to bed in winter night, you can use hot water or medicine soup to bubble your feet first, so as to achieve the effect of unblocking blood vessels and improving sleep quality. Especially for those who often read, write and sit in the night, you should soak your feet in hot water before going to bed.

When the weather was cold for a while, some citizens also got used to it, so they relaxed their vigilance and began to eat some raw and cold food, which resulted in gastrointestinal discomfort, and some even got gastroenteritis. Food can also take into account seasonal changes, mainly to eat warm and green food.

In winter, if you can choose the food that is delicious and healthy, it will be more acceptable. According to traditional Chinese medicine, warm tonic food is the first choice for health preservation in winter, such as chicken, mutton, beef, etc., followed by some plain tonic food, such as lotus seed, euryale, Yiren, red bean, jujube, tremella, etc. You can also eat more yellow and green vegetables, such as carrots, rape, spinach and so on. Since the “cold” period also coincides with the Spring Festival, most families will prepare rich holiday food. At this time, we should pay attention to avoid the imbalance of hunger and satiety, and also eat more food with the effect of strengthening the spleen and eliminating stagnation, such as: Huaishan, hawthorn, grapefruit, etc., and drink more millet porridge, spleen strengthening and moisture removing porridge for conditioning.

Winter is also a high incidence period of respiratory diseases such as cold. Eat more warm and cold food to prevent the invasion of cold. For example: in the daily diet commonly used ginger, shallot, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, etc., have the effect of spreading cold. If people have a mild cold due to exogenous cold, they can also choose “ginger and brown sugar water” for treatment, which has a good effect.

It’s easy to catch a cold in winter. Therefore, it should be noted that outdoor activities can not get up too early, especially the air quality and outdoor temperature before the sun comes out are not suitable for sports. In addition, the winter morning temperature is too low, is also a high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, so it is best to wait until the sun comes out before outdoor exercise. Because the outdoor temperature is lower than indoor temperature, people’s ligament elasticity and joint flexibility are not as flexible as before, so it is very easy to cause sports injury by carrying out large amount of sports activities immediately. It is suggested that some preparatory activities should be done before exercise in winter, such as jogging, rubbing face, beating muscles, etc. Or you can put your hands on each other and turn them back and forth, which can not only increase the flexibility of your fingers, prevent frostbite, but also prevent colds.

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