Postpartum slimming recipes Quickly restore body

Here are three recommended post-natal slimming recipes to help new mothers quickly return to prenatal body and regain confidence.
Corn can reduce blood lipids and regulate plasma. It can effectively prevent aging. It is very good for girls, and the focus is on slimming and laxative. Carrot is rich in carotene and is ingested. After the human body, it will soon be converted into vitamin A, which can improve eyesight, beauty and moisturizing to regulate metabolism and enhance resistance. This porridge can diuresis, lower blood sugar, blood fat, stomach and help digestion.
Black fungus has many effects such as anti-tumor infective lung clearing, especially its plant gum. This substance has strong adsorption capacity, can absorb internal impurities and traces and then discharge, and inject from inside and outside. The effect of clearing the intestines.
Practice: Cut pineapple, lettuce, and apple into pieces, and put them in a container with small tomatoes to stir. Pour in the salad dressing. Sprinkle with the raisins above.
Pineapple contains almost all kinds of vitamins and 16 kinds of minerals needed by the human body, and these can be absorbed. The acidity and rich juice of pineapple can effectively dissolve the feces, and the effect of fresh pineapple is very Stick, just need to infuse with salt water for half an hour before eating.

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