Separation anxiety in children can be overcome in 4 ways

On the first day of school, many kindergarten classrooms became a sea of ​​crying, especially for children who just entered the park. Family members started crying as soon as they left, and they cried when they ate at school. A word started to cry again … Why does my baby cry in the kindergarten? What should I do when my baby enters the garden and cry? Follow the 39 parenting editors to discuss it!

There are many reasons for crying in kindergarten children, but crying for newly enrolled children is usually caused by separation anxiety. When children leave a familiar person or environment, they will have a strong anxious, disturbed or unpleasant emotional response, which is called separation anxiety in the early childhood education profession.

With the exception of a few children who are not afraid of strangers and have strong adaptability, most children have more or less separation anxiety. Children with a lesser degree may be slightly upset or depressed. The more serious children are irritability and crying. Noisy, more severe children are also accompanied by headaches, abdominal pain, nausea and other physical reactions.

Crying and emotional instability of young children entering the park are common phenomena. Parents should not only blame their children for their timidity or poor adaptability, but should understand this child s normal psychology, and then find more reasons for their children to cry, and take targeted measures to improve their children s crying.

If you bring your child to play in kindergarten before school starts, then when the school actually starts, your child will cry less. Today, many kindergartens are registered a few months in advance. Parents can determine which kindergarten their children will enter very early. Parents should bring their children to the kindergarten to familiarize themselves with the environment before entering school. Conditions permit the suggestion to go a few more times to let the children know the kindergarten Something interesting so that children will even look forward to kindergarten.

It doesn t matter if you don t do this in advance. Find more time to accompany your child to play in the kindergarten, it is best to guide the child to become interested in the kindergarten.

Kids Some children have a big difference between their daily routine and home. For example, they do not go to bed during nap time and want to go to bed during school hours. Children may feel that kindergarten is not at home, so they start homesick , and then start to feel anxious and cry. Parents should allow their children to train at home as much as possible in kindergarten, so that children can adapt to kindergarten life as soon as possible. If this is not done in advance, then parents must start from now on, otherwise the child may cry for a longer period of time in the future.

For children, kindergarten is a completely unfamiliar environment. All the furnishings are unfamiliar. Teachers and classmates are also unfamiliar. Even the utensils for eating and drinking are unfamiliar. This makes them afraid. In fact, we can also let children find a sense of belonging in the kindergarten.

First of all, parents can prepare some special supplies for their children, such as their school bags, drinking glasses, towels, pillows and quilts, or even one or two beloved toys. These familiar things can give their children some psychological comfort.

Secondly, if conditions permit, go to the same kindergarten with your child s good friends. Many parents generally choose a kindergarten that is closer to home. If there are children in their community who also attend this kindergarten, then let the children go to school with their partners, and the child s separation anxiety will be greatly reduced.

After the child goes to kindergarten, parents should talk to the child about going to kindergarten, such as asking the child teacher what he said today, how many classmates did you know, what did the classmates play with you, etc. Discuss, not simply report. Over time, children will find many interesting things in the kindergarten, and will love the kindergarten more. However, don t complain too much about kindergarten!

Some parents love their children and send them to the park to see their children cry and follow them crying, or after sending their children one step and three times, there are thousands of perseverance. In fact, this will make children feel kindergarten means separation from their families, but instead Will aggravate the child s anxiety. The correct way is to downplay parting. For example, after sending the child to kindergarten, tell the child that there are many interesting things in it, and let the child observe carefully and then tell the parents when they return home.

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