Several actions after meals can also detox

Toxins are called the source of all diseases, and we can see how much they are harmful to our health! So we must expel toxins from the body in time. A large part of our body s toxins come from food. These toxins will be discharged through the body s detoxification system, but some will remain in the body. The first thing we need to do is help the body detox while the food enters the body. Today I want to share with you how to speed up the elimination of toxins during meals. Let s take a look!

The human body cannot directly produce toxins. Basically, toxins in the body come from two types of food and environmental pollution. First of all, the food we eat contains substances that are not needed by the human body. These substances remain in the body and are a toxin to the human body. Therefore, human excretion is only available, but this does not completely remove toxins from the food, but also causes some toxins to stay in the body.

Moreover, environmental pollution is getting worse, and more and more toxins enter the body through the respiratory tract. We are breathing every minute and every second, and we are inhaling toxic poisonous air. After entering the lungs, some of these toxins are absorbed by the lungs, some remain in the lungs, and some are excluded from the body. Then the more toxins trapped in the body will accumulate, the more the body will be burdened if it is not excreted in time, and it will threaten the health over time.

I want to get rid of the toxins when eating, in fact, it is not difficult to climb into the sky, in the eyes of the editor, it is a trivial matter. Because we only need to pay attention to these small movements while eating, for example: chewing hard during meals; rubbing the abdomen after eating; snapping the waist after eating. Many people will wonder, can these daily small actions really detox? Xiaobian will answer them one by one.

Chewing hard while eating can play a role in detoxification. Many people find this incredible. We have all heard that chewing can help the gastrointestinal tract to digest and secrete more digestive enzymes to help the digestive system digest food.

These digestive enzymes not only help digestion, but also promote the rapid elimination of toxins from the body. As more digestive enzymes are secreted from the stomach, the acidity of the enzyme causes it to undergo various reactions.

These acid enzymes will react with various toxic substances to reduce the toxicity of these toxins and then excrete them. For a long time, a healthy detox system of the body itself will be formed.

Another way to accelerate detoxification of the body is to beat the calf after a meal. The calf is where the body s stomach meridians pass. Frequent tapping will speed up the body s digestive ability. Food digestion is actually an effective way to detox .

A large part of the body s toxins are retained in the body due to indigestion. The most direct manifestation of poor digestion is stool. These places can be said to be very toxic. If they are not excreted in time in the morning , it will lead to secondary absorption in the intestine. Excuse me, what can the gut absorb in a mass of toxins? Obviously, only toxins can be absorbed.

So, after meals, we have to tap and massage our stomach meridians to improve the body s digestive and absorption functions and expel toxins from the body in the shortest time. This will prevent the fate of the intestine from secondary absorption of toxins. I also remind my constipation friends that this phenomenon must be alleviated in a timely manner, because this is not only a problem of constipation, but it will cause the source of all diseases to be unable to rule out external problems.

Rubbing the abdomen after eating can help the body detox. The abdomen is where the stomach is. The first digestive organ that food reaches after entering the body is the stomach. At this time, rubbing the stomach is definitely a good time to help digestion . However, the method of rubbing the abdomen is exquisite, and it is not the circle that most people think. We must rub the abdomen according to the order of the digestive system.

Secondly, massage clockwise for 1 minute, because the right side of the abdomen is the ascending colon, and the left is the descending colon.

Finally, place your right hand on the upper right side of the abdomen, and push the palm from right to left to speed up the movement of the middle transverse colon. Then place your right hand on the upper part of the abdomen, and gently press down, while slowly pushing from the upper abdomen to the lower abdomen from top to bottom. This is the trend of the sigmoid colon, allowing fecal matter to be easily discharged from the body.

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