Spring dehumidifying food

Spring is a good season for dehumidification. Usually, eating more dehumidification foods can not only dehumidify, but also make your body healthier. And what many people dont know is that the really effective dehumidifier is, as long as you drink a bowl a day, the body moisture can be eliminated immediately. Want to know how to dehumidify food and how to adjust the humidity? Let s take a look together.

The first thing is to soak the white lentils and lotus seeds with water for half an hour, wash the red dates, and slice the ginger. After the onions are washed, cut the green onions and put them in a bowl.

White lentils are sweet and mild, and return to the spleen and stomach. Its fruits (white lentils), peel (lentil clothing), flowers, and leaves can be used as medicines. Indications Weakness of the spleen and stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, the contents of summer heat, abdominal pain, leukorrhea and other diseases.

Turn on a low heat, put a little vegetable oil in the pan, sprinkle with salt and ginger to cook (sprinkle a little salt will not stick to the fish skin), fry the anchovies until golden on both sides, and add garlic cloves to fry.

While frying the fish, put the red bean into the casserole, boil it on high heat, put the fried catfish in the boiling red bean water, and continue to boil on high fire.

Turn to low heat and cook slowly for at least 40 minutes (don t flip the catfish during stewing, the fish is tender and easy to break), and sprinkle with black pepper.

Sturgeon with red bean stew soup can achieve the effect of strong and strong combination, and also help to eliminate the wet evil accumulated in the body, and prevent a series of symptoms such as poor spleen and stomach transport, loss of appetite, and indigestion caused by wet evil.

The lotus leaf is a drug and food food. Chinese medicine believes that the lotus leaf is slightly warm and mild, and it has three meridians of heart, liver and lung. Lotus leaf has the effects of clearing heart fire, calming liver fire , purging spleen fire, lowering lung fire, clearing heat and nourishing, lowering blood pressure and diuresis, and concentrating fluid and antiperspirant. This porridge clears heat and relieves heat, calms the nerves, relieves diarrhea and diarrhea, and has an adjuvant therapeutic effect on cardiovascular disease and neurasthenia.

Loquat melon can clear summer heat and detoxify, barley has the effects of strengthening the spleen and dampness, whitening and swelling, and duck meat has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, and diuretic and swelling. This soup is sweet and fragrant, not only has the effect of clearing away heat and detoxifying, eliminating heat and dispelling dampness, but also has the effect of losing weight, reducing fat, whitening and removing acne.

The shiitake mushroom is one of the four big mountain treasures, known as the queen of plants and meat in the meat, and is a highly praised medicinal diet. The flavor of mushrooms is Gan Ping, the liver meridian and stomach meridian, which have conditioning effects on qi and blood deficiency and intolerance.

Especially wild mushrooms, the effect of nourishing qi and dampness is more obvious. Because wild mushrooms grow in humid places on the slopes, they have a strong defense against moisture, and their dehumidifying function mainly comes from this. In addition, shiitake mushrooms have the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing yin, nourishing the stomach and nourishing the lungs, and treating wind and phlegm.

Barley is good for water swelling, spleen dehumidification, soothing muscles and numbness, clearing heat and removing pus. Good barley has a medicinal taste, no moldy smell or long hair.

Indica rice can be cooked with red beans, which is simply indica rice and red beans, instead of adding rice, drinking water and eating beans, long-term adherence will be effective.

Furthermore, you can wash and dry the barley rice and fry it in a wok. Eating indica rice alone or grinding into a powder with a grinder at home can be drank like sesame paste, which is better than porridge.

Red beans can nourish blood or dehumidify. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, red bean is flat and sweet and sour, which has the effects of strengthening spleen and water, clearing heat and dehumidifying, swelling and detoxifying.

Boil with red beans and drink water, or add black beans and mung beans together to boil water, which can well discharge the body s moisture. Red beans can also be red bean paste, porridge, and desserts, but be careful not to buy red beans. Those beans are medicines, which can be poisonous if eaten. It is easy to be confused with red beans.

But it is better not to drink before going to bed, because the beneficial effect of moisture can easily be renewed within the body due to sleep, leading to more serious moisture without removing it. When you buy corn, you can make more beard leaves, and you can drink them for one year in the sun. This way, you can t get the season without corn.

Chinese yam can be fried, eaten with stews, and eaten as a snack, or steamed and dipped in sugar. Yam is better for iron rods. It is a dual-use medicine and food, which has a better effect on invigorating the spleen, and can also qi, which is better than ordinary domestic yam.

In addition, pepper also contains a substance called capsaicin, which can make people s heart beat faster, pores become enlarged, skin capillaries expand and thicken, and blood flows to the body surface, so the whole body feels warm.

It s best not to be spicy, otherwise it s troublesome to get angry. Green peppers or ordinary red peppers are fine. Dont eat hot pepper sauce, there are usually more than just peppers, there may be other things added to make it spicy. Promotion.

Nutrition The nutritional value of mung bean sprouts is not inferior. It not only contains protein, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, but also rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C.

Suitable for patients with excessive drinking, dampness and heat, stagnation, dry mouth and thirst, urinary redness, constipation, red eyes and swelling. Soybean sprouts have the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, lowering blood pressure, and beautifying the skin.

The bitter gourd smells bitter, non-toxic, cold, and enters the heart, liver, spleen, and lung meridians.

Understanding By knowing the dehumidifying foods introduced above, this is really excellent for people who want to remove moisture from the body. After reading the best way to remove moisture and how to adjust the humidity, you can try it if you are interested.

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