Spring health food

Spring bamboo shoots must be indispensable for spring health food. The bamboo shoots are crispy and refreshing, but they are the first vegetarian food. Eating spring bamboo shoots in an appropriate amount can play a role in nourishing blood and nourishing yin, resolving phlegm and digesting food, and facilitate eyesight. At the same time, it has certain auxiliary effects on the prevention and treatment of hypertension and coronary heart disease, as well as obesity, bowel cancer and hemorrhoids.

Spring is the spring bud germination season, and all plants in the spring will emit green tooth seedlings. There are many kinds of edible spring sprouts, such as bean sprouts, garlic sprouts, bean sprouts and lettuce, etc. all have a divergent effect, and have a dampening and yang effect. You don t need to add meat when fried bean sprouts, so as not to increase the gastrointestinal burden.

For the north, radishes are the most representative food. Radishes can be sliced ​​or shredded, or used for fillings and other ways of eating are very good. At the same time, eating radishes in spring can play a role in resolving the plight of spring, and has a certain effect on enhancing women s fertility. Daily use of radish stew to drink.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the principle of diet in the spring is more sweet and less sour, and jujube is the best food in sweetness, and the jujube is warm and sweet. It has a very good effect of beauty and beauty, nourishing the spleen and nourishing qi, and nourishing blood and soothe the nerves. It is especially recommended for women to eat more. It can be used to make tea or soup.

Among the wild vegetables in spring, amaranth is the most dazzling one. In spring, many wild vegetables are fragrant and delicious. For example, amaranth has a high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin C and various minerals and carotene, which can help treat dysentery, colds and gastroenteritis.

Leek is also known as Yangyang grass. Leek s warm temperature has the effect of nourishing kidney and yang, and it has a great change in the temperature difference in spring. You may wish to eat more leek, which can help dispel yin and cold , and eat more for people who have liver qi in the body. Leek can strengthen the spleen and stomach, and is beneficial to liver.

What should I eat in spring? Spinach must be indispensable. Spinach is one of the most iron-rich vegetables in vegetables. Eating more vegetables in spring can nourish yin and dryness. Nourishing blood and relieving liver, while spinach is very helpful for people with iron deficiency anemia, whether it is used to cook porridge or cooked directly.

The wind is cold and windy in spring and the humidity is heavy in the season with many rains, so the spring diet should also be based on warm food. Eating a little onion, ginger, and garlic properly every day can not only flavor but also play a medicinal value, can increase appetite, sterilize and prevent disease, and help Yang. At the same time can prevent high incidence of respiratory infections in spring.

Honey is a beauty and beauty food that is very suitable for consumption throughout the year. A glass of honey water every day has the effects of nourishing the lungs and detoxifying and detoxifying the skin. It is very helpful to improve skin dryness and enhance human immunity . It is an ideal tonic for spring health..

Spring is the season of cherries. The color of cherries is very rosy and eye-catching, the taste is also sweet and sour, and its nutritional value is rich. Frequent consumption in spring can play a role in refreshing and relieving the plight of spring , meanwhile, it has very good iron, blood and beauty resistance. Aging effect.

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