Spring health tips to keep away from diseases

In spring, it is better to go to bed late and get up early, take more activities outdoors, stretch your body, and make your day more energetic. Special attention should be paid to protecting against wind and cold in the spring, and to nourish the yang and conquer the yin. According to the characteristics of the change of Qi from cold to warm on the first day of spring, the clothes cannot be absent. Taking off the winter clothes prematurely is very susceptible to cold and lung injury, causing respiratory diseases. According to the principle of covering spring and freezing in spring, it is necessary to increase or decrease clothes in accordance with changes in temperature to adapt to the changing law of spring climate.

In the spring, the metabolism is strong, the diet should be sweet and warm, rich in nutrients, the principle of nourishing the spleen and boosting the sun, avoid too sour, should be light and delicious, avoid greasy and cold, especially should not not be added to the big spicy products, such as Velvet, spirits, etc., to avoid heat and fire. In spring, you should eat more foods rich in protein, minerals, vitamins (especially B vitamins), especially various yellow-green vegetables , such as lean meat, soy products, eggs, carrots, cauliflower, Chinese cabbage, bell peppers, celery, Spinach, leek, etc. In addition, you should also pay attention not to prematurely eat cold drinks and other foods, so as not to hurt the stomach and sun.

The spring is sunny, the wind is beautiful, and the spirit should be ventilated, open-minded, optimistic, and sullen and angry. It is a holiday to go to the willows on holiday, swim in the mountains, and cultivate temperament, which will make the blood and blood tune. Smooth and energetic.

Spring is sunny and beautiful, but people feel sleepy. Tired and drowsy, and not waking up in the morning, this phenomenon is called spring sleepiness. Springtime sleepiness is not due to the need for more sleep, but because of seasonal differences in internal circulation, increased blood supply to the skin s periphery, increased sweat secretion, increased load on various organs, and relatively reduced blood supply to the brain. So how to alleviate and prevent spring difficulties? First, we must ensure sleep, get up early and get up early to overcome negative lazy thoughts and emotions; second, we must actively participate in exercise and outdoor activities to improve blood circulation; third, we must appropriately increase nutrition. Studies have shown that lack of B vitamins and overeating are important causes of springtime sleepiness, so it is advisable to eat more foods rich in B vitamins, not to eat too full; fourth, to maintain indoor air circulation.

The plan for the next year lies in spring, which is the best season for physical fitness investment. The air is fresh in spring, and this environment is most conducive to vomiting freshness and nourishing the viscera. More exercise in the spring will enhance immunity and disease resistance. It will reduce the incidence of various diseases such as influenza in the year, and it is agile and not easy to fatigue. People can choose outdoor activities such as Tai Chi, Jogging, kite flying, spring tour, etc.

Warm and windy in spring, it is most suitable for the propagation of bacteria and viruses, and is prone to diseases such as influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, scarlet fever, mumps, and viral myocarditis. Therefore, we must talk about hygiene, wash clothes and quilts frequently, remove insects, open windows and ventilate, improve defense capabilities, and avoid going to public places when infectious diseases are epidemic. Overeating hot and hot products, and then triggered by seasonal evils, some old diseases are easy to recur, such as migraine, chronic pharyngitis, allergic asthma, hypertension, myocardial infarction, mental illness, etc., special attention should be paid to all aspects of photography prevention.

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