Spring intercourse health

The ancients said: The plan for a year lies in the spring. This means that people should arrange a year s work plan in the spring, start well, and start well. In fact, spring is also a great time for couples to have a sexual life and even to conceive a new life. Therefore, the author says, The plan for sex is also spring.

In the medical theory of the motherland, the correspondence between heaven and man runs through the entire system, and intercourse is no exception. The Nei Jing records that the main tenets of the four seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Everything grows like grain in the spring, matures in summer, harvests in autumn, and is stored in winter. Intercourse should follow this pattern. Although ancient medical practitioners unanimously advocated that intercourse should be restrained and not be frequently indulged; however , in the spring, intercourse could be at will.

According to the theory of meridians, the genitals of the human body are surrounded by the liver meridian. The spring is the main energy of the liver meridian.

Coincidentally, modern medicine also believes that spring is the season for eugenics. Men s sperm quality is better in winter and spring, and women have the highest fertility rate in spring. An Israeli expert conducted a four-year follow-up survey on 650 women undergoing artificial insemination. Changes in the four seasons have a significant impact on women s pregnancy. Spring is the best season for pregnancy, with the highest success rate, followed by summer and winter, and the lowest in autumn. The reason is that the sunshine time in spring is getting longer, and getting more sun helps to conceive.

Conceived in spring, the second trimester of pregnancy is just in summer or autumn, at this time there is less influenza and virus, and the chance of pregnant women becoming infected is reduced. Fetal brain development occurs right after the second trimester, especially in the last 3 months of pregnancy. At this time, fewer infections during pregnancy are undoubtedly beneficial to the normal development of the fetal brain.

In addition, pregnant in spring, the birth month is exactly autumn, autumn is the harvest season, there are more fruits, and the mother s nutrition is easy to be guaranteed after giving birth.

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