Spring is the best time for kidney and health

Nowadays, spring is full of vitality and everything grows. People who value health care, in order to strengthen their physique and improve their immunity, start to consult the spring health rules, or go to pharmacies to buy supplement products by themselves, on the one hand, to improve immunity, to prevent chronic diseases that alternate between winter and spring; On the one hand, I hope to improve the symptoms of fatigue. In the natural world, there are laws of spring, long summer, autumn harvest, and winter Tibetan. Human beings are a part of nature, and they also have the law of changing seasons. From a health point of view, human tonic must conform to the weather to achieve results.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that: March in spring, this is called Chenchen. Heaven and earth are born, everything is glorious. When the spring returns to the earth, the snow and ice melt, and the natural yang begins to rise. Everything recovers, everything is green, and everything appears. The thriving scene, People correspond to the earth. At this time, the yang of the human body also conforms to nature and spit out upwards and outwards. The wood in the five elements has the characteristics of rising hair, and the liver is the main wood in the five internal organs. It can be seen that spring health should focus on nourishing the liver. The main function of the liver is to hide blood and to strengthen the muscles. The main water of the five internal organs and kidneys, if there is no good nourishing kidney and essence in the winter, the lack of kidney water will directly lead to liver deficiency, and the liver will not be able to rise, and the symptoms of fatigue will occ ur. Spring is the season when the human body is alternated between yin and yang. Many infectious diseases, flu, and chronic diseases often occur during this period. Therefore, in this period, it is important to strengthen the physique. The kidney is the root of the yin and yang of the human body. The necessary method. In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the mother of the liver. According to the Five Elements Theory, nourishing the water and containing wood, the kidney can also play a role in nourishing the liver.

If you only nourish the liver but not tonify the kidneys, the liver qi you transferred may be the qi of hyperactivity of liver and yang. The result of your tonic is dry mouth, dry tongue, and blurred eyes. Get angry. Chinese medicine thinks that kidney is the main water and liver is the main wood. Imagine if a dehydrated wood is dry wood and is it easy to catch fire? The answer comes out. In order to keep our Qi in the spring, liver qi, well maintained, our body must make up for the kidney qi that is missing in winter. The purpose of a healthy year.

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