Spring skin beauty starts with removing acne marks. Micro plastic treatment of different acne marks.

Core Tip: There are many types of acne marks. Different acne marks may represent different situations, so different ways to eliminate them are needed. If you feel that your acne does not go on and needs treatment, it is recommended to choose a professional plastic hospital for professional treatment.

Spring is the peak season for acne growth. Whether you are acne, fire acne, or adult acne, the most annoying thing is not the acne itself, but the acne marks left by them. So from the perspective of cosmetic plastic surgery, what are the effective micro plastic surgery to remove acne marks?

Pixel laser: a new type of microdermabrasion. For those who have left acne marks in their adolescence, the pixel laser is a new alternative to the traditional microdermabrasion laser to re-care the face. It is particularly suitable People with long acne scars and rough skin.

Krypton Dye Laser: Activates collagen repair and regeneration through a special laser, which has a good effect on red blood vessels and vasodilation, acne scars and enlarged pores.

Photon skin rejuvenation: It can improve the fine lines, pigmentation, pores and acne marks. It is a mild anti-ageing beauty surgery for lightly mature skin.

Colic acid skin rejuvenation: peeling off the cuticle with fruit acid has certain effects on lighter acne marks, enlarged pores, acne and fine lines, but it is not suitable for people with weak skin.

There are also many types of acne marks. Different acne marks may represent different situations, so different methods of elimination are required. If you feel that your acne is not going on anymore and needs treatment, it is recommended that you go to a professional plastic hospital for treatment. Here we briefly talk about the different treatment methods for different acne marks.

1. Red acne marks: Generally, cold light and compound cold light are used to treat red acne marks. They can shrink microvessels and lighten red pigmentation.

2, black acne marks: black acne marks can be treated with cold light, composite cold light and other treatment methods to achieve bright skin tone and promote the effect of skin collagen production. Or use flower acid to treat acne and improve acne marks, help skin renew, improve pigmentation after acne, and reduce black pigmentation.

3. Cavernous acne marks: The pits are relatively severe acne marks, which can be counted as acne scars. Generally, flower acid rejuvenation, injection filling, laser microdermabrasion, or lattice laser are used.

4. Hypertrophic scar: Hypertrophic scar is what we call crab foot swelling, which is also the most severe acne scar. In view of this severely proliferated acne scar, we generally use local subcutaneous injection to target crab foot swelling and hypertrophic scars, and directly inject the drug into the hyperplastic tissue for treatment. The composition of this drug is mainly steroids, which can fight inflammation and dissolve inflamed tissues. It is by far the most effective treatment.

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