Spring tricks to prevent sleepiness

It s spring equinox again. Have you recently felt that you always feel tired and can t wake up? Memory loss and inattention? If so, you are most likely selected by the spring trap. The main reason for spring sleepiness is fatigue, and the reason why the human body feels tired is often a normal performance. For example, it is very tired recently, and healthy people will show signs of fatigue.

In general, taking a good rest can alleviate fatigue and restore vitality. However, if you often overwork or don t take proper rest, a long time will lead to a sub-health state, and serious disease may occur.

Many people start to pay attention to rest only when they feel tired. But in fact, as long as the pressure of daily life and work is more than usual, you should arrange a reasonable rest time. In other words, before our body feels tired , we begin to take a proactive rest to prevent problems before they occur. And don t wait until your body is already tired, and then make up for it.

Although fatigue is a protective measure for our body, it reminds us that our body is already overloaded and needs to rest. But in fact at this time, our body is already overworked, and active rest can protect the body from damage and benefit the health of the body.

Maintaining a comfortable mood can effectively alleviate the psychological fatigue caused by depression and brain fatigue caused by excessive brain use. Maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude, choosing a work-style combination of work and rest, and fostering some hobbies can effectively reduce the mental and psychological burden and avoid mental fatigue caused by excessive tension or excitement. After a period of work, brain workers can choose some other different ways to relieve their brain fatigue. Or adjust your working time and workload appropriately to relax your life.

At the same time, you can improve your living environment to achieve physical and mental pleasure. Playing a melodious piece of music, with soft lighting, a warm and quiet indoor environment, can also relax our body and mind, and relieve fatigue.

Sleep is the best way for the human body to repair and rest. Only by ensuring efficient sleep can we achieve the best state when we are awake. In general, the best efficient sleep time for normal people is at night. So don t stay up late, go to bed early and get up early, it is an effective way to prevent fatigue, and it is also the best way to improve springtime sleepiness. Do not think that sleepiness can solve the problem of drowsiness. Inefficient sleep will increase the severity of spring sleepiness.

Many people ignore the importance of diet in tiring work or life. Unbalanced diet will lead to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals, and excessive intake of fat, protein and carbohydrates. On the contrary, it is easy to cause blood sugar fluctuations and make the body appear drowsy. So even if work is stressful, pay attention to a reasonable diet and balanced nutritional intake.

I can t fool my stomach with fast food. One pound of greens, half a catty of fruit, whole grain dairy products, and so on. On the contrary, coffee, strong tea, tobacco and alcohol need to be controlled. Although these things can refresh the mind for a short time, they do not solve the problem of physical fatigue, and they do not cure the symptoms. If dependence occurs, it increases the risk of obesity, gastrointestinal damage and other adverse health conditions.

Reasonable exercise can improve the blood and blood supply of the body, increase the supply of oxygen to the brain, and improve brain fatigue. At the same time, a moderate amount of exercise is also conducive to relaxing. Therefore, regular exercise is very helpful for maintaining good health. But remember not to exercise too much, it will make your body tired.

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