The face which beneficial to make her husband succeed

Many people think it’s nonsense to talk about face, but there are still many people think it’s better to believe whether it’s true or not, among which many people mention and pursue “Good face”. Whether the so-called Good face can make a man succeed or not, the traditional Wangfu face is still a symbol of good fortune in the hearts of many elders.

Tianting plump has always been a symbol of good fortune. A woman with a plump forehead will not only be regarded as open-minded and intelligent, but also bring natural luck and wealth.

Lying silkworm is a band of protuberance with a thickness of 4 to 7 mm close to the lower edge of eyelashes. It is one of the symbols of ancient beauty in China. Those who have lying silkworms often show kindness, great wisdom, and charming smile. Therefore, they can get peach blossom luck and are easy to be helped by “noble people”.

In physiognomy, wealth lies in the nose. Women’s noses are straight and straight, with plump noses and full noses. Most of them are noble, and their careers will be fruitful.

According to the physiognomy, a woman with a full chin means a woman who helps her husband transport his face. She has leadership and is supported by others, which is very beneficial to her husband’s career.

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